ISO NOS Taiwan Beer-made “Sex on the Beach”

But you use a cultured starter, which isn’t really “natural” by the definition you’re suggesting. So regular bread, beer, etc. are “unnatural” then?

No, starting from scratch, flour and water. Building up natural yeast until it’s viable to make bread, takes about a month. And you can use it forever if maintained well.

They are fermented with added yeast. I agree that fermenting is a natural process but stressing that its 100% natural is as said just for marketing purpose.

That’s still “unnatural” by the definition you’re suggesting, because it involves humans isolating the yeast and adding it to each batch…which isn’t essentially different to how humans have isolated other natural yeasts to add to each batch of bread, beer, whatever.

Nothing to isolate. It stays water and flour.

No, it doesn’t. You’ve isolated and cultured the yeast/microbes, by definition.

They obviously mean natural ingredients. Not natural process. Belgians are just trouble makers. As if their fermenting containers and buildings are natural if we want to get all purist about it…

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I’m not isolating, I’m multiplying.

Sounds pretty unnatural to me.

The only bread I’ll eat is unmilled wheat fermented with natural yeasts in rainwater then cooked in the sun. But if you want to put that unnatural stuff in your body, go ahead. :man_shrugging: