Israel declares state of war after terrorist attacks

I’m curious to see what you come up with

Not much from a quick scan. Seems a pretty standard fanboy piece, with a wee bit more technical emphasis than we get locally, but then I suppose you have to enthuse about the new toys if you’re a contract strategic analyst, Goes with the bizniz, though it probably helps if the customer doesn’t know what “strategic” actually means, since the focus here is purely tactical.

(When I worked as a network analyst/manager in banks, I noted that everything had to be “strategic”. No bank suit was willing to consider themselves as merely “tactical”)

Kit-wise, he seems especially keen on mortars for urban combat, though they have the disadvantage that you cant use them from overhead cover, they are ineffective against substantial overhead cover, common in Gaza, and the bombs are especially easy to track with radar, making them very vulnerable to counter-battery fire, which the IDF wouldn’t have to worry about but Hamas would.

I havn’t heard that Hamas uses them much, though I might have missed it.

I’m a bit surprised by his retrospective picture predicting massive IDF casualties. I cant remember anyone predicting anything other than massive and hugely damaging Israeli retaliation, which has, after all, been the historical pattern, but then I dont know any generals.

He appears, however, to be talking essentially about simple military “taking ground” victory, which I don’t think was ever seriously in doubt, given the massive force and equipment imbalance. Long term defeat of the idea of resistance against Israel, by people already inactive and hidden in the general population, or new recruits, is less certain, and more strategic.

Apparently there was hardly any bombing, and the number and nature of civilian casualties doesnt rate a mention, though thats a bit strategic too.


Some good news

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:triangular_flag_on_post:IDF says :triangular_flag_on_post:


The data center under UNRWA claim isn’t holding up well. At the moment, I’m waiting for more sources to triangulate. But it appears to be just like the tunnels under the graveyard claim where journalists aren’t permitted to see the evidence that would demonstrate so.

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Think you got that the wrong way around.

OTOH their really crap defense allowed them to deploy their criminally awful offense.

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Your claims do not hold up. Journalists have been allowed in an multiple video’s are on you tube of them doing so.

Also UNRWA has confirmed there are tunnels underneath the HQ. They just claim they didn’t know about it before. Maybe you should dig a little deeper before your unfounded claims come crashing down on your head.

China can f**** right off! So hilarious when murderous dictatorships like China and Russia pretend they have the moral high ground. Has Russia been so kind to Ukraine? Will China spare Taiwan’s civilian population when it inevitably makes a go at us one day?


If you’re worried about civilian populations dying, maybe you should call out Taiwan for siding and befriending the U.S.? Hasn’t the U.S. been responsible for invasions, wars and countless deaths of civilian populations? Siding up to a bully to defend them against another bully, then calling out bullying as being bad is a bit rich.

Without the US, Taiwan would be part of communist China. Can’t believe someone who lives here would even voice that kind of opinion, but you do you.

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They let journalists into the tunnels they said were underneath the cemeteries too, but still didn’t show any evidence they were underneath the cemeteries. And won’t show it when the journalists asked.

I didn’t make any definitive claims for now, but given Israel’s track record for making crap up during this operation, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is par for the course.

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The whole world is saying don’t go into Rafah, even the US and UK. Biden is just too brain-dead to do anything about it.


So when are you going there so you and disprove the Israeli claims that you insinuate are false? I am sure people on this forum will eagerly await your first hand knowledge report so we don’t need to rely on the first hand knowledge reports coming from the IDF or the UN who do not deny this claim. Maybe if you visit Hamas officials they can confirm it for you. Hamas have not denied it either.

You do have credible news links that what the IDF found is not true of course?

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Poor argument. You’re poisoning the well. This type of thinking allows no room for nuance. I know black-and-white thinking is popular these days with hyper-polarization and team-sports political ideologies - but you need to come in with more than that if you expect serious engagement.

Take it from a terminal Forumosa lurker. I usually don’t participate but I can’t abide this kind of China shilling. I’m anti-US imperialism myself but I’m also reasonable.


Without the U.S., there’d be far more Vietnamese, Laotians, Iraqis, less coups, meddling in internal affairs of foreign countries etc. too. Excuse me, the US was built on killing the native population, and then slavery. I suspect you think China must be held to a higher standard than the U.S.? Or Taiwanese lives are more valuable than Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Iraqis etc? Which one is it, or is it both?

You don’t think all the other citizens the U.S. has killed asked themselves the same questions about the U.S., before, that you’re asking about China? It’s seemingly fine to ask a bully to defend oneself, but then going and complaining about bullies makes no sense whatsoever.

I am pointing out that any issue - but especially something as complicated as international politics and warfare - doesn’t operate on the basis you appear to be operating from: US = bad therefore Taiwan should side with China?

Even with the most rudimentary understanding of international affairs and history, one like yourself should be able to hold multiple perspectives right? Anyway.

Please clarify what you are talking about here, particularly the “question”. Also please re-read my first and only comment to you and point out to me where I mentioned China at all - besides saying I don’t agree with baseless China shilling (anymore than I would about the US).

I understand what you’re saying, but I believe this should be directed at @DrewC

If I may offer my :2cents:, there is a difference between justified help with self-defense and orchestrating coups or supporting genocides. The US does both. This has nothing to do with China.

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I think you’ve got the wrong thread. Whatabout Gaza and Israel?

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