Israel declares state of war after terrorist attacks

I agree. Is there a better thread for general discussion? Asking for everyone, I’m not particularly keen on continuing this line of discussion myself. ty

Oh great whataboutisms here we go… /s

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When are you going to prove there are no leprechauns in my basement?

IDF claimed there are tunnels under the cemetery they desecrated, a data center in the tunnels under the UNWRA HQ, a command center underneath Al Shifa. If they made a positive claim, they need to provide proof.


Yeah, well, the whataboutism aimed at the US seemed to be what started the off topic tangent, so I did that on porpoise :dolphin:. I don’t think there is a thread, I suppose one could be started and this could be moved over

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Oh I turtally :turtle: understand. for sharks :shark:

but to answer the original question on how it’s israel/gaza related: the other fellow was responding about US hegemony and trying to draw a parallel to their own hangups with China I guess :man_shrugging:

please don’t.

The US funds and blindly supports Israel due to it being a supposed US aircraft carrier in a vital region, and in an election year, it’s probably also supposed to cynically pay off at the polling station. The US helping undesirable countries or individuals just because the perceived US benefit outweighs anything else is not new, from the US supporting Apartheid South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Chiang Kai Shek, Ferdinand Marcos and Augusto Pinochet etc. All citizens from the countries above were killed while the US turned a blind eye, or made empty public gestures denouncing them, all while US interests were supposedly advanced. It’s not that hard to see where Israel got the similar idea from, and the fact that Israel is basically protected by the U.S., Israeli actions are facing little REAL backlash, although pretty sure a backlash is coming for both the U.S. and Israel. Israel would love to pull the US into a wider and more public war in the Middle East for reasons mostly benefitting Israel, but it’s a smart and calculated bet by Israel that the US will ultimately follow their playbook.

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I would say not, but on the other hand this is what happens often in war. As sad as things are for the Palestinians most Japanese (and I think Taiwanese too) see it an war issue. Maybe only in China people will side with Palestinians in East Asia I guess.

Durning this holiday, outside full of people in Southern Taiwan its nice to have peace
Nice day KHH waterfront with duck in the back


Mmmm, you’re forgetting Malaysia and Indonesia, 2 countries in particular which don’t support Israel but do support Palestine. I’d think there’s more in South/South East Asia. Clearly not only China.

Hey, he feels really bad about it! We’ll still help pay for it and ship the bombs, of course. But we won’t like it.

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This gaslighting has pissed me off more than any other president.

I hope he loses Michigan because of the Arab-American vote, and all the college students he thinks he can buy off with his dumb student loan forgiveness plan.

I doubt any historian has pretended Japanese and German populations were “collateral damage” for many decades, certainly not credibly.

They were the target.

This was to an extent justified by the technical inability of the bomber force to hit anything smaller than a city, which no longer applies, but that doesnt mean cities no longer get hit.

History stutters.

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Its just another example of

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So I hear there’s a plan to bring these Hamas monsters into a new two state coalition with the PA?

Sher. That’ll work.

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And this, because some people don’t think the Hamas tunnels are all that important or something.

Hamas Built Tunnels Beneath My Family’s Home in Gaza. Now It Lies in Ruin (

Deflect deflect deflect gaslight gaslight gaslight

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Senator Chris van Hollen (D-MD) who’s been visiting Gaza has confirmed that some Gazans have started to die of starvation.

Cindy McCain (John McCain’s widow) has also confirmed.

Now right-wing Israelis are blocking trucks of flour from entering Gaza and holding a rave while doing it.

How does one “start to die of starvation?” Get hungry? :idunno:

Um, I think

Probably means some Gazans are now dying of starvation…

I’m sure there’ll be a podcast letting us know coming soon.

I don’t have time for that faffing, can you send me a meme version?

A clever one, not just skinny people…

Maybe a picture of a fat person in a concentration camp uniform?

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