Israel declares state of war after terrorist attacks

I think that if your preferences run to valuing Palestinian lives over those of Israelis, then you should be encouraged by any efforts to place more pressure on Hamas to release their Israeli hostages.

Which is another way of saying that Netanyahu’s decision to sit out any next rounds in the Biden administration’s (led by the CIA) ceasefire negotiations in Cairo is a good decision for Palestinians and a perfectly understandable one for Israel.

Among other opinions about Israeli priorities, Netanyahu’s characterization of Hamas’ current position as “delusional” can be seen as an effort to place more international pressure on Hamas. So far that pressure has been laughably absent; it really does seem that most of the Western media is pro-Hamas without realizing (or caring about) it.

Anyway, Netanyahu should be lauded for giving Western non-combatants an opening for putting the screws to Hamas in Cairo. Applying pressure solely to Israel isn’t likely to forestall IDF combat operations in Rafah, after all. I realize it’s unlikely to happen, but in my opinion we should now see more young Westerners protesting the position taken by Hamas.

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Delusional is a good word. The whole two state solution with any kind of Hamas input or power sharing is bullshit.

CBS I think has an interview with a Hamas recruiter up ffs.


Rashida Tlaib votes ‘present’ on nearly unanimous vote to condemn Hamas’ use of rape as weapon of war (

What a horror of a person.

Rep. Tlaib said she was “disturbed” that the resolution “completely ignores and erases any sexual violence committed” allegedly committed by IDF forces. Those claims are unsubstantiated.

But, Hamas said they were true!

So it begins…

Effect of ICJ genocide preliminary ruling.

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What begins? Nothing at all. Israel will simply source the parts from other partners.

“Israel does not take sufficient account of the consequences for the civilian population when conducting its attacks,” said the court.

Perhaps Israel should just make a bunch of cheap rockets and shoot them instead?

Also… the Netherlands doesn’t make anything anyway… they just help the mighty US store its junk.

Also the U.S. can simply move the supplies to another warehouse

“Begins” implies it’s only the beginning.

You answered your own question. Good job.

CBS just interviewed a Hamas recruiter. This is rare. An Israeli negotiator, Gershon Baskin, was interviewed after him. Worth the watch as well.

Maybe next they can interview some of the 10/7 rapists or the rapists in the tunnels raping hostages.

Their voices really should be heard too, right?


yes, that was the way it was as far as war. Lots of people died, glad its less now.

I do also wonder what is his first language

They can all join Putin on the list of people who’s opinions I don’t give a shit about

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The IDF sent a handcuffed man into a hospital to tell everyone to leave. He did, came back out, and they shoot him. This use of human shields constitutes the very thing they accuse Hamas of doing.

If you read anything by Norm Finkelstein, this is SOP for the IDF. They’ve been known to shoot over Palestinian kids’ shoulders.

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Here’s a wacky take from an illegal West Bank settler.

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Sadly, it appears that Biden’s newest proposal :arrow_down: is designed first to remove the Israel-Hamas war from his reelection agenda rather than provide aid to an old international ally, and he’s willing to reward Hamas for its 7-Oct atrocities to accomplish that.

That Hamas has as its first priority the destruction of Israel, and that Hamas has clearly and publicly stated that it intends to repeat 7-Oct over and over again until Israel is gone, are things Biden seems willing to ignore.

Report: Biden Admin Set to Reward Palestinians For October 7 Massacre With a State and East Jerusalem as Capital (

He never said Hamas will take part in governance. It’ll be done by technocrats.

Tom Friedman said Hamas members should be allowed to participate if they recognize Israel and swear allegiance to Oslo.

Well, Palestinians overwhelmingly support Hamas today (according to two recent polls, one of which was taken on 6-Oct and the second sometime later).

Will the new agreement preclude that support? Will it outlaw Hamas? If it doesn’t, then given the support I think it’s reasonable to conclude that Hamas will indeed take part (i.e., take the only part) in governance. And if Hamas is outlawed somehow then, given Palestinian behavior since 2000 it will be yet another Israel-must-go, river to the sea political entity with a new name.

Seems to me that what must take place first is a change of heart re:Israel by Palestinians themselves. Biden can’t impose that, it must come from within and if it doesn’t then I don’t think Israel can be expected to be reasonable.

Again, it seems more like something cobbled together to repair the Democrat coalition before November by removing Gaza from the plate.

That’s nice. Remind me, what office does Mr. Friedman hold?

This is where you might lose a few people who think the war and its outcome are some kind of interactive young adult narrative where you can pick the ending.

Is he Jewish? They hold sway. IDK if Freidman has enough sway to make a death cult’s supporters and the death cult they support swear allegiance to OLSO though. But, as per my post above, believing is seeing for some young adults, especially those coming of age on the internet and instant access to data which appears to them as knowledge.