Israel declares state of war after terrorist attacks

You can’t prove that.

You cant disprove a double negative.

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Pressure from AOC, Bernie, and van Hollen is finally working. Biden can’t go anywhere without being heckled, “Genocide Joe.”

Thats just made up…which can be a good trick.

Biden’s mistake is that he is trying to play the fence game, he can’t say no to Israel with all that lobbying money, and he can’t let Israel kill too many innocents to maintain some votes. But instead of getting partly liked by both sides, he now gets hated by both sides so Biden is playing a losing game.

If Trump was in office it would be easier and more a fair game. Whichever side gave Trump more hookers would get the support, as younger hookers as more advanced weapons to be delivered


Hillary outraised Trump several times over…still lost.

Hillary :rofl:

What does outraised have anything to do with hookers? :rofl: :rofl: getting a raise from hookers is plausible, but I thought Hillary doesn’t have that equipment, but maybe I’m not woke enough? :thinking: :rofl:


Was that so hard?

Israel bulldozed 47 Bedouin homes to build a highway, making them homeless. Inside the green line! The difference between Israel and China is that China compensates the expropriatees.

Support for a two state solution is up in Gaza.

That’s nice. They could have had it when Clinton was POTUS and walked away from it.

Seems like HAMAS has been fudging the numbers of deaths claimed.

the U.N. recently its numbers, decreasing them by half, to estimate that around 12,800 Palestinian women and children have died.

Hamas Terrorists and UNRWA staff are working together.