Israel declares state of war after terrorist attacks

Hamas disregard for human life results in more dead kids.

IDF strikes terror targets operating in area of UNRWA school in Gaza - The Jerusalem Post (

Earlier on Saturday, the Israel Air Force (IAF) struck several terrorists operating in structures located in the area of UNRWA’s Al-Jaouni School in the central Gaza Strip, the IDF announced on Saturday.They also noted that the location served as an operational infrastructure and hideout from which attacks were carried out against IDF soldiers.
The IDF stated that prior to the strike, they carried out steps to mitigate risk to civilian harm, including use of precise aerial surveillance and intelligence.

IDF strikes Hamas terrorists operating from UNRWA school in central Gaza Strip


Earlier on Saturday, the Israel Air Force (IAF) struck several terrorists operating in structures located in the area of UNRWA’s Al-Jaouni School in the central Gaza Strip, the IDF announced on Saturday.

They must have taken out the school too just to make sure.

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Not necessarily.

No dead kids reported as resulting from the IDF strike in that article anyway, though I suppose that doesn’t mean there weren’t any.

Haaretz: IDF Ordered Hannibal Directive on October 7 to Prevent Hamas Taking Soldiers Captive
‘There was crazy hysteria, and decisions started being made without verified information’: Documents and testimonies obtained by Haaretz reveal the Hannibal operational order, which directs the use of force to prevent soldiers being taken into captivity, was employed at three army facilities infiltrated by Hamas, potentially endangering civilians as well

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Different set of rules there. Different set of combat morality. Sounds like the order came from the tippy top.

And more “news”

Israeli strike kills 16 at Gaza school, military says it targeted gunmen (

Mahmoud Basal, spokesman of the Gaza Civil Emergency Service, said in a statement that the number of dead could rise because many of the wounded were in critical condition.

Why don’t they just say “Hamas?” They’re not fooling anybody. :doh:

Ooohwee, remember when the Gaza authorities said the hospital was all blowed up by the Israelis and 500 children and women were massacreed?

Oohwee, that was a whopper. :banana:

Terrorists get sent back home:

spokesman for Hamas

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Brett Stephens reminds us:

  • Reagan: Told Israel it was creating another Holocaust by cluster-bombing Lebanon.
  • George HW Bush: Withheld loan guarantees to Israel for settling Russian emigres if they kept building settlements.
  • George W. Bush: Told Israel to stop with Lebanon after 34 days.
  • Obama: Made Israel stop after “disgraceful” shelling of AP building in Gaza, after 51 days.

Biden’s been letting Israel genocide the Palestinians for coming on a year.

Even Trump’s saying, “You gotta wrap up this war.”

Probably not his job, unless he’s a shill for the IDF

Or maybe he IS a shill for the IDF, and is going with “It goes without saying, because Israel never kills anyone else”

Probably depends on whether you are a dancing banana half eaten, or a dancing banana half uneaten kind of guy.


He didn’t say hardly ANY of that, at least not in the video you linked. He does say that Biden has been a better supporter of Israel (hardly news) than the other presidents mentioned, about 26 mins in, with a shout out to Tricky Dicky too but without most of your detail, and that certainly isn’t the general message of the conversation.

He doesn’t like Netty, and he doesn’t like Trump, but apart from that, it was a pretty standard right wing position, almost indistinguishable from the earlier “Blood and Iron” outlook up above, though with more focus on US antisemitism (which they seemed to be arguing could not be separated from anti-Zionism).

I’m not arguing against what you posted, but I AM saying it doesnt remotely reflect the overall contents of the video you linked to it.

Those blowing up of ships in Yemeni waters that don’t turn away from going to Israel seems to have had an effect in Israel:

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