Israeli held in Taiwan for over a month after road rage

Very idiotic if he did consdering he apparently has a business here. It’s not like Taiwan work permits or visas or even extensions are hard to get. I’ve had a few months extension just by going down to the center and saying there’s been a delay getting my new contract from work.

I checked up on that.

“sentencing them to three-and-a-half to six years in prison.”

A very small amount of justice. That’s a pathetic sentence for almost killing someone for no reason. Should have been 15 years.


That’s the thing in Taiwan, in a fight when you lose you go to hospital, if you win you go to jail.


It says that but it could mean anything.

He’s probably illegal here so they locked him up. But there’s not much to go on.

Plenty of us have unfinished business in Taiwan. :smiley:

There are serious due process to hold someone in jail in Taiwan. The police would have to refer to the prosecutor and the prosecutor can only based on evidence request detention which has to be signed off by a judge.

There has to be more to this, either there was an actual fight involved and it’s not just self defense, or he overstayed and therefore wound up in immigration.

You have to try really hard to end up in jail in Taiwan.


From the news report “Naor said her brother is suspected of assault and theft due to a complaint by the other driver, though it is unclear what he is alleged to have stolen” Maybe the other guys knife got stuck in his hand when he was stabbed and he brought it home with him…


This looks like a Taiwanese Porsche driving guy with guanxi was able to get his way in good old lawless Taichung.

Much more news and information from his attorney and his sister off his Facebook page.

Lior Ben Yosef | Facebook


I don’t think that’s what happened. No one would chase down a scooter for going a bit over the line. We’ll probably never know what really happened.

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@DonR I really like what you post on here. But, I honestly feel that you’re way off base, or perhaps just haven’t been here long enough to experience the wild assed shit that happens on this rock.

I, of course, refer to a relatively recent case of an “entitled white foreigner” getting followed and accosted by an angry Taiwanese for tossing a banana peel out the window of his car whilst his Taiwanese girlfriend drove. It was a huge deal. Made the news. Guy had to make a groveling apology on TV. Were you here for this?

If the Brit in question didn’t take too kindly for the Taiwanese guy confronting and berating him, the situation could have turned out much worse. Like the Spanish surfer situation.

The Spaniard nearly died and it took a lot of persistence to obtain any type of punishment for the men who were super connected to the police. In the end, I feel, and many others agree, that their punishment was a slap on the wrist. Attempted murder? Assault with a deadly weapon resulting in great bodily injury? I think the longest go three years in prison if I remember correctly.


The guy from the opposite lane could tell he was a foreigner while he had his helmet and mask on, then bothered to shout at some one for something a lot of people here consider legal.

Teased him about reporting him (scooters don’t have a number plate on the front) to get money from a traffic report, which is also not true, you don’t get money.

All this is not in the local news with traffic cam footage showing it blow for blow(all pixelated of course).

Something defiantly missing in this story.


Really? That’s not my experience of Taiwan. Especially in Taichung. The citizen will be very much against a person of Jewish religion.

My father inlaw told me not to tell people my background in Taichung. And gave me contacts of people I can contact if I’m in trouble. I go to Taichung from Hsinchu maybe once per month with my wife. :joy:

Odds on the Israeli guy on honking at the gangster? A lot of snowflakes and gangsters consider a honk to be as bad as a middle finger.


How did he know he was jewish? (i’m talking about the guy in the car, the Israeli would know his religion)


Well after the fact they will know.

A thought: No foreigner who is madly in love with Taiwan has ever been involved with the justice system here.


Hold on right there @Super_Fire.

How about the drunk scooter guy who tried to evade a drunk check and ended up fighting with the cop and getting shot?

How about “Bar/Restaurant Arson Guy”?

How about “Tattoo Face Guy”?

How about “Danshui Teacher/Pot Dealer”, who paddled to the PI only to die in prison?

How about…so many bro…so many foreigners who purport to be in love with Taiwan and the Taiwanese people who end up in prison for pot or DUI, etc?

Wait…wait… @Super_Fire. Were you being sarcastic? Did you just Rick Roll me?

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What are you on about?

Seems like our type loves Taiwan until we deal with the justice system, then we sour on the place. I wouldn’t blame anyone either.

Somebody chased me up the road on a moped because I had the audacity of thinking that because he was indicating left he was turning left. He then turned right nearly into me which caused the snowflake to lose face