Israeli held in Taiwan for over a month after road rage

I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen any more news about the guy with the Taiwan tattoo recently…I mean it’s not exactly like you can hide it

All news here:

last news i saw was when he was in Cambodia or someplace

Damn, I need to go out more and put my phone camera to use, making images of all kind of traffic ‘violations’. Even the smallest one.

Got another map tattooed?

You don’t get money from traffic reports anymore, they got rid of that a couple of years ago now. You still get it for reporting littering though if I recall correctly.

You can?


Ill make a killing from the old tossers in my park. Whenever theyve fibished their chess game theres cans everywhere … bin 5 yard away too


I thought it was because people kept complaining about all the snitches out there… so the government stopped the reward. It’s kinda like getting paid for turning in dead rats, people just started breeding rats and made the problem worse.

Also nobody likes snitches… so if you want to be one be careful about being seen. I don’t recommend anyone making their living reporting people.

If people dont want snitching on, throw your trash in the bin. All they have to do is walk 5 yards. Its not like trashcans are rare here


Yea I know… try going to a prison and telling the inmates that… if you don’t want people snitching follow rules…

And you’ll likely ask for protective custody soon after.


Really? As in more so than if he was a Christian, or Muslim? I find this hard to believe.

Right, well there are different things going on here. Like in Japan, Korea and China there is some ignorance on the swastika symbol, which does not have the meaning it has in Europe or the US. Rather, it is seen just as a remote, historically detached object/prop without any of the NAZI baggage.

So, this naive use in cosplay or whatever, does not mean that there is some sort of widespread hatred of Jews.

it is basically a Buddhist symbol that is facing the wrong way and has been a part of Asian culture since before hitler was born.

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Did you read either article?

Teaching the Sieg Heil salute is hardly ignorance. Someone learnt it and taught it.

I work with a guy from Borough Park, New York who tells everyone he is a Mexican. It is easier for him to navigate the culture.

I’ve had people chase me, on scooter and in my car, for flipping them off.

I wear my IDF T-shirts everywhere. I never hide the fact that I’m Jewish and have never had a problem in Taiwan.

If questioned when seen eating any pork products, I simply tell them that I’m not that kind of Jew. I’m non-observant.

But, it rarely comes up because it seems to me that Taiwanese are extremely uninterested in religion, unless they’re an annoying new Christian trying to save me. I’m beyond salvation.


I can’t believe you’ve done that. What were you thinking?

seriously @jd, giving them your car so they could chase you in it? amateur