Issac Hayes quits South Park!

Damn you L. Ron Hubbard!!!

[quote]Outspoken Scientologist Isaac Hayes, an Oscar-winning singer heard by millions in recent years as the “Chef” character on “South Park,” has quit the cartoon four months after an episode spoofing Scientology.

“There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins,” the 63-year-old soul singer said in a statement.

In an interview with the Associated Press, “South Park” co-creator Matt Stone responded sharply, saying, "This is 100 percent having to do with his faith of Scientology. … He has no problem

That’s too bad.

He wasn’t in the show that much in recent seasons anyway… and there’s only so many “gonna make love to you woman” jokes you can make. The only funny thing I remember from him recently was in the You Got Served episode where he made a big deal about the boys ‘being served.’

I think that Trapped In The Closet episode was worth the loss, anyway; it was truly a classic.

I am deeply saddened.

Outstanding musician/singer.
I got laid more times with his “Hot Buttered Soul” album than any other background music. When he started into his cover of ‘By the Time I Get to Phoenix’ I was on my way also.

Seriously. How hypocritical. The show makes fun of EVERYTHING and he has been along for the ride. But the second the show makes fun of his religion, he is out.
So he can dish, but he can’t take…

Scientology is a religion ? :astonished:

Isaac Hayes was probably leaned on by someone who’s got, like, a higher midichlorian level than himself (what do they call it? Thetan levels?) to quit the show. That’s the way the scientology (I guess other religions also) folks seem to operate.

Oh my God, they killed Chef!

You bastards!


I got laid more times with his “Hot Buttered Soul” album than any other background music. When he started into his cover of ‘By the Time I get to Phoenix’ I was on my way also.[/quote]

Me too :wink:

Isaac Hayes is clearly a sanctimonious old hypocrite and good riddance to him.

Cynically easing out his chocolate salty balls. Bummer.


Speaking of religious fanatics imposing censorship…

[quote]Most people know by now that Isaac Hayes has quit working on South Park (he was the voice of Chef) because they did an episode making fun of Scientology. Comedy Central decided to pull the episode, and their reason for doing so is so ridiculous that no one in their right mind would buy it:

A Comedy Central spokesman said Friday that the network pulled the controversial episode to make room for two shows featuring Hayes.

"In light of the events of earlier this week, we wanted to give Chef an appropriate tribute by airing two episodes he is most known for," the spokesman said.

Nonsense. Someone has pressured the network to get them to remove the show, that is obvious. The rumors are that Tom Cruise, the world’s most prominent scientologist, threatened the network that he wouldn’t do any publicity for Mission Impossible 3 this summer, and since Comedy Central and Paramount, the movie’s distributor, are both owned by Viacom, they caved in. Cruise’s spokesperson denies that, but does so rather artfully:

But Cruise's representative, Arnold Robinson, told The Associated Press Friday that the mega-star made no such demands.

"Not true," Robinson said. "I can tell you that he never said that."

He never said that. Not “he didn’t try to get the episode cancelled”, just that he didn’t say that specifically, which means if one word of what he did say was different, it’s not technically a lie. This is a fairly serious matter, I think, given the history of Scientology using threats to intimidate individuals and media outlets from printing or showing any criticism at all of their little scam (and yes, that is precisely what it is).[/quote] … h_park.php

pure BS. ol’ issac had no problem cashing all those checks from the years of skewering christians and jews and muslims but the time his own faith is razzed he gets all huffy and quits.


as always, resisit theocracy.

and tom cruise movies all pretty much suck anyway. what was his last good movie? TAPS?

Hello. You’ll love this :

I wouldn’t recommend clicking on that link at work, folks. The ads are a bit saucy.

In the next episode they turn Chef into a paedophile and kill him off, horribly.

Oh no, does this mean Issac Hayes going to start playing in movies about aliens just like Tom and John?

“There is a place in this world for satire but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry toward religious beliefs begins,” Isaac Hayes said.

So of all the things South Park made fun of, including those episodes mocking black people, he quits over this one episode because it makes fun of Scientology?

I guess the intolerance and bigotry was okay when it was against Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Christians, blacks, Ethopians, gays, poor people, abused women…

Hypocrite doesn’t even begin to describe him. He disgusts me. Another brain-washed moron.