IT = India + Taiwan, Marriage Arranged in Heaven

Taiwan is strong at hardware and weak at software because Taiwanese businesses are into immediate profits, and the software development life cycle is too long. India is strong at software and weak at hardware because they lack a modern physical infrastructure, so they can’t ship much; they can only code.

Like Modi said, together they are body and soul, a marriage arranged in heaven.

During their meeting, Modi lauded Taiwan’s expertise in hardware and said that with India’s strength in software, the two sides should cooperate more closely like “body and soul.”


Does that mean the English help desk operators for banks, telecoms, airlines, etc. will soon be from India?


wouldn’t that be awesome?


Actually, I choose the English service for those 3, and then when operator comes on (much faster than if I chose Chinese service button), I start talking in Chinese. They feel relieved to a certain extent.


I remember a push for this in… was it 2012? Lots of funny stories shortly after of Taiwanese companies running into “cultural differences” and finding out they can’t run an operation in India like they can in China.

Every time I choose English extension for Banks they speak Mandarin only…


We could still be importing more young coders from India, especially to help with our aging population.

Also, if Taiwan is mostly Buddhist, how come no one believes in reincarnation?

Lots of Indians in Taiwan already (subjectively)! I don’t have the numbers but I have met quite a few in the various science parks. I think most of them don’t stay for very long though.

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So, will India declare Taiwanese independence? Unless a country offiically allies with Taiwan, its only business and nothing more meaningful.

More money for sure. Environment, your days are numbered !

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Just hold a Diwali celebration at the Executive Yuan building, it’s much less expensive.

With the NSP, Taiwanese government has made genuine financial commitments and top-down policies to attract Indian students, but the day-to-day implementation is not without its challenges. There are a few obstacles we have encountered.

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Equally beneficial, taiwanese kids should go live in rural india and get a few lessons in reality and hardships. Student exchange would be ideal. Send our kids to some slum in India and send their kids to Pingtung. Win win for taiwan.


They don’t? What do they believe happens after death then?