Italian Bread Crumbs

Anyone know where to find some Italian bread crumbs? Kind of like the 4C type for making chicken cutlets? I checked a couple Wellcomes and the Carrefour with no luck. I can’t remember where I found them last time…


Italy …?

Har har. :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of curiosity, what’s the “4C” type? If you’re just talking about bread crumbs flavored with Italian spices and parmesan, I’d just make my own, of course. :idunno: There are decent looking and very, very simple recipes on the internet.

Yeah, yesterdays bagettes crunched in the mortar make great breadcrumbs. If you don’t have a mortar, wrap up the bread in a cloth and beat on it. Put the outcome into a ziplock and then into the freezer. Start with unflavored, then you can add seasonings and cheese as DB suggested.

Italian breadcrumbs … I bet you that, when you ask the question in Italy, no one knows … they’ve never heard about Italian breadcrumbs …

Same goes for Provencal or Italian herbs, ask that one in Italy or France … they’ll look at you just as if you were cuckoo crazy …

Costco had bags (or was it cans) of the stuff a while back, I couldn’t quite grasp why anyone would buy it here though…
Seems there’s at least one person that would :smiley:

Does anyone know where to find Panko bread crumbs?

I’ve seen cans of them at my local Wellcome mart, I was very surprised. They were high on a top shelf in the aisle with baking stuff.

Every local supermarket (Panko, I mean).

Yed, the Italian ones are there … saw them too a few weeks back

But for how long … they had good canned sardines for a while, Waitrose brand, now gone from the shelves, so the crumbs could go the same way

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If you have scrap breads, just bake it in the oven until hard, then crush it in a blender or something.

I have found American brands at Welcome. I was shocked to find it and bought 2 of them even though I didn’t need them. Check Welcome.