Italian mayor in crime ring that brainwashed children to sell them into foster care

A crazy story from Italy. A town mayor, medic, social workers, and others brainwashed kids to move them into foster care. And bid off the kids to foster parents.

That’s horrible!
How can they do that to children? How far can human go for greed?!
Ugh… It makes me sick…

Even social workers were in on it, also who are the people that were buying kids like that?

Italy has a huge problem in corruption.

Italy is really backwards. It’s the country equivalent to a hot model doing hard drugs all the time and die young.

Idk If you’ve been to the south like Napoli. It’s very corrupt and really crappy in the south. Nothing like the images of Florence, Venice, Rome you think of when you think of Italy. Looks really like an undeveloped country.

Infrastructure is a joke. So terrible.

And very corrupt, most people probably would be surprised if I told them Italy is more corrupt than Taiwan. In the south, in places you have to pay “protection” for your car if you park.