It's a Vegan Affair - May Potluck 5/13 @ 7:00pm

Everyone from carnivores to macro-vegans and all ages are welcomed!

The location will be at CJ Laing’s pad in Tienmu, once you’ve RSVP’d we will send you the exact address. It’s close to Shipai MRT Station. I will meet people at Shipai at 6:30 pm and we can take a cab over (it will be about 90NT for the ride). Whose in?!

Please RSVP by May 9th so we can get a rough headcount. Please also post what you will bring and the recipe beforehand so we can drool! This also ensures we have main courses, salads, and desserts so PLEASE POST POST.

Rules of the Affair:

  1. EVERYONE needs to bring a vegan dish and if interested let me know what dish you plan on making and I’ll post it on the event page beforehand so that we can see the delicious menu!
  2. Capping salads to 6 and fruit platters to 2
  3. Portions either home-made or store-bought must serve more than 6 people

Join the FB event here or PM me for the address.