It's all messed up, any lawyers in the house

ok my cousin…his granda left him 2 insurance policy, he pass away few month ago and my cousin’s uncle conviced the insurance agent to have one of the policy changed to my cousin’s father’s name for whatever reason. the insurance agent is kind of related to that father. So here is the thing…my cousin wanted to change the benificiery (when death happen to my cousin the money will go to…) from the granda to his father…not only the agent chaged that but he also change the “to be insured” from my cousin to his father, and then gave the policy to the father…now the policy is very important and the agent gave it to the father instead of my cousin, now he can still change it back since he is the original police holder…but damages are already done when my cousin was trying to get the policy back from the father and arguing that he didn’t tell agent to sign over the name etc…now it’s a whole big thing in the family and in the town…people think my cousin just wants money and doesn’t care about the family etc he has trouble everyday going out and stuff …so the bottom line is the insurance agent was suppose to change beneficery name but somehow he also change the “to be insured” name, and gave the policy paper to the father, keep in mind the agent is relateve of the father. which he wasn’t suppose to do and now the whole crazy stuff is going on in my cousin’s life…sure he can change the policy back to his name but all the damage is done and all…can he sue the insurance company? I am not familiar with Taiwan insurance stuff and my cousin have been living in the states most of his life until recently…so any help will be appreicate…hmm maybe he can get a lot of money out of this…

If you could learn to use paragraphs and capital letters, people might read your post and might even reply to it.

Hire a lawyer.

Excellent advice.

Lawyers in da house! Can I get a whoop whoop!

uh. i hate reading sentence fragments. it is such a poor habit (made worse by poor/unnecessary/deteriorated Chinese grammar sentence fragments and run-on sentences habits)