It's it possible to start a business while on a teaching ARC?

I won’t be earning enough for awhile to qualify for an ARC through the business alone for awhile, but I’d like to keep working part time for my ARC and run the business here to avoid American self employment taxes and eventually not have to teach anymore. Any thoughts?

Iirc, you can be a business owner, but cannot work by yourself for the business legally, when you are on an ARC based on your work and you are not a spouse of a taiwanese citizen.

It’s possible to work for more than one school. Could I not also work for a school and my own business?

You can, but your own business has to meet a few requirements to be able to get you a work permit/hire you. IIRC, you’ll need to invest at least NT$500k into the business and reach a revenue of NT$3m after 1 hear. If you have co-investors, the requirements are a bit different.

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to work for your own business, you need a work permit for that, as @rooftopclown said. If you can get the work permit for your business, you are qualify for an ARC based on the work permit.

The business would not earn enough so that I could get an arc. I think the question is could I work at a school and also get a work permit to work at the business. Like how some people work at two different schools, or at a publishers and a school.

IIRC, if the business meets the requirements to get a work permit for you, it meets the requirements to get an ARC for you too. So, I think the answer to your question is no.