It's Newbie Season in Taiwan (2019 edition)

Welcome newbies to Taiwan.

It’s like a new school year, foreigners arriving to teach or to learn Chinese, expats arriving for business or diplomatic positions, and people coming to Taiwan to work or hang out or whatever, backpackers and beg-packers.

Some new people here and on Facebook asking a lot of newbie questions and making newbie comments.

It’s like no one, realizes this is a thing. It’s a big opportunity for the community and organizations and business to welcome people arriving or returning but few seem to notice it.



There’s a newbie season for teachers and the odd academic Others, not really.
Diplomats ?:grin:

I guess, uh, welcome everybody.
Please check your jackets and gloves on the way in and collect them three years later.

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The word “newbie” is a relatively new thing isn’t it? If someone had called me a newbie when I first arrived here I would have said piss off.

I was never a newbie. I went straight into it from day one. Didn’t have the luxury of being a newbie it was do or die

I’m an oldie. and I listen to oldies, but goodies.
please don’t have prejudice against me.


Things I have noticed givin the appearance of newbies in Taiwan.

  • Fresh faces at the clubs and talking about being new to Taiwan
  • Increased newbie questions and newbie answers on Facebook groups
  • Foreigners on Tictok talking about newbie impressions of Taiwan or their newbie Chinese learning
  • Foreigners walking around Taipei with a starry-eyed look like what the hell is this and who are you you other Foreigner should I say hi

In the coming months I expect to see increased YouTube videos with foreigners thinking they discovered something no one else has found.


I for one feel superior to newbies

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Classic newbie take…


I also have a yuuge superiority complex, almost god complex, over those who teach and don’t drive a car in Taiwan.

I’m seeking help for this

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“The absolutely BEST instant noodles from 7/11 in Taipei!!”


The usual suspects are:

  • Taiwan is so friendly
  • I’m here to help them with their fledgling democracy

But which one will be first:

"Taiwanese people are too polite!’


"No one sits next to me on the MRT/bus ;( "

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How about
“Taiwan’s pollution is not as bad as China, expect Taichung, maybe”


Fresh-off-the-boat, greenhorn …

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A smack in the face?:thinking::wink:

Came from gaming if I’m not mistaken.

Nobody expects Taichung.


Wait is that a thing? never had that problem.

Death, taxes and Taichung’s pollution.

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Apparently yes, there was a thread about it not long ago. Or maybe it was a discussion on the l"life on buses" thread?

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