Its not just in Taiwan, hired thugs popular in China too

My father remembers the old days, when hired thugs were not uncommon, although nowadays they are now limited to wear mostly black and attack people at airports, sent in by the busloads. No longer the common everyday occurance you might see everywhere back in the White Terror days. (Of course some here have blogs that dispute the event entirely).

However here is an article about China’s new generation of thugs, the ‘bare branches’, the extra 17 males of the 117 males versus 100 females ratio present in China. These people have no hope of getting married and apparently that is a factor in all this ‘thug-ery’.

[quote]Young toughs with few prospects for marriage or meaningful employment can find work at a respectable wage beating and intimidating lawyers, activists, journalists and ordinary citizens who challenge corrupt village leaders and wealthy business owners.

“It is common, and it is becoming worse and worse,” says Lu Banglie, a pro-democracy activist who was beaten by thugs last month after trying to help villagers oust an unpopular local leader across the border from Hong Kong.

So far, the communist government in Beijing has been unwilling or unable to curb local autocrats who hire henchmen to silence critics.[/quote]

Complete article here: … htm?csp=34

Yes, it’s always frustrating to never find a mate of a job in a crowded country :frowning:

The government in China has never suffered from a shortage of tackle-arms. This new “reason” is very interesting though. By allowing it to disseminate, the CCP can blame the rise in thuggery on “declining social morals” and implement whatever “social reforms” it sees fit to “improve” society. I have nothing but awe for the devious intelligence of the CCP: Create a social problem, supply the “reason” for it, and then the “solution”. Tried and tested.

An example. Provincial governor X has a ridiculous target imposed by central government, say, to increase flights to his province, and by extension, the tax revenues therefrom. He will be graded on a points basis for this by central government when time comes for his appraisal. Solution? Build a huge airport. Problem? People living on the land. Solution? Offer them a paltry sum to move, which if they don’t accept, will result in their getting their heads kicked in/houses burnt down.daughters brutally raped in front of them at the hands of thugs hired from a neighbouring province. Nothing official, like. Not the PLA. Not the PSB. Totally untraceable, except that of course everyone in China knows who’s behind it. Build the airport, enjoy the plaudits from Beijing. Get to stay on as governor. Continue making money.

However, repeat this 100 times around China (ever wonder why there are so many “international” airports in China?) and you end up with a lot of provincial leaders with uncontrollable (from Beijing) and yet powerful secret armies. Then Beijing starts to worry about the central control versus local power thing . Not be long now before some “anti-warlordism” or some other gobbledegook will be spouted from Beijing to rein in the provincial gangster leaders (for that is what they are) combined with possibly an increase in the presence of a centrally controllable police or paramilitary force, to ostensibly “stamp down on corrupt practices” but really there to make sure provincial governor X doesn’t get too big for his boots. The “thugs” will all be arrested and never seen again. Poor old proles, always getting the shitty end of the stick. :frowning: