It's official, Taiwan is not China

[quote=“ABC”]Find more yourself by simply googling “Hong Kong election 2017”.

I prefer to google HK elections 2012 to find out why earlier promises for this date were reneged on. Gives me better insight into the future than a vague promise.

Yeah, I get that I’m kind of in the minority here, but isn’t this what free speech is all about, to be able to hear all the diverse opinions. It’d be kind of boring here if everyone are all in agreement with each other.

So, Anthony, do you have any evidence, not innuendo, but actual evidence, that Hong Kong is anything but self-ruled? I’ll bet if you ask any Hong Kong government offical whether he’s taking orders from Beijing, he’s going to laugh at your face.[/quote]

Who choses their Chief Executive???

Yes. The lack of the date of their next presidential elections.[/quote]

They’re already working on that. Perhaps not fast enough to your liking, but Hong Kong will have general elections in the near future.[/quote]

Fourteen years and counting…

But then, WE’LL be laughing at the way his wallet is open and sticking out of his back pocket. COME ON! You cannot seriously be trying to put out the concept that the Hong Kong authorities are in ANY way working on their own? That EVERY move they make is not orchestrated by the fucking commie cunts in Beijing? Are you REALLY that naive? Jesus!! :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

That is not true at all. I’ll say it here just as I’ve said elsewhere. China is not seeking actual control of Taiwan. Take a look at Hong Kong, it’s completely self-ruled. Hong Kong citizens are allowed to do a lot of things that aren’t allowed in the mainland.[/quote]
Hong Kong is not self ruled, it’s mostly controlled by foreign multinational corporations (mostly western), and banks. I am sure the British gave Beijing a solid warning that if Beijing actually tried to rule HK, that a colour revolution would take place. After being brain washed by their imperialist masters, I am not so sure Hongers know how to rule themselves.

If non-Chinese firms are “robbing” Taiwan, China would strip-mine the island and leave an empty husk behind.

When we talk of unification, we talk of Beijing calling the shots 100%. Democracy would be a sham because China would not allow unification without a mechanism for it to control Taiwanese politics at the top level, either directly or indirectly. So the DPP’s fears are justifiable. Unification means putting your trust in Beijing not to abuse the power it will have.[/quote]
instead of robbing taiwan, the mainland has actually invested in taiwan and kept its economy alive. of course youll never hear about this from the liberal media. the Chinese are also giving massive loans to the usa, and bailed out greece. we;ll leave the strip mining to western multinational corporations who are pros at that. look no further than india. when the british first arrived in india, it was the richest in the world. when it left, it was the poorest. meanwhile, look at what the multinationals have done to the economy of japan, greece, ireland, spain, iceland, etc. if im not mistaken, it was the usa who forced japan to sign the plaza accord, forcing it into a recession, and crashing its economy. western multinationals are so nuts, theyre even hedging against their own economies. thats exactly why the u.s economy is in the dumps. speaking of dump, lets not talk about the 11500 metric tons of radioactive waste into the pacific by japan, or the 780,000 cubic meters of oil spilled by bp. as far as democracy being a sham, when has democracy not been a sham? are there still people who believe democracy is real? you dont trust beijing to abuse the power. let;s put our faith in washington, a regime that crashes the economy of its own “allies”, and profits off of others misery.

chip on the shoulder, or just not grown up yet?

time will tell.

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COPE2, What a load of shit. Where’s the thumbs down button?

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‘Its official, Taiwan is not China’ … Or so people think.

毛匪澤東 got a nice amount of hits on Google.

I learned something today.

Why the fk don’t they rename that? I know they were talking about potentially doing it, but it’s baffling that they never have.

Naming that state airline “Air Taiwan” would be way clearer wouldn’t it.

But apparently if they try landing in a bunch of airports including those in the REAL CHINA would be in question or impossible.


They might find a solution with CA or something, like they did with CPC to avoid changing the name while hiding “China” behind an acronym.

Yeah, but don’t underestimate the sheer pettiness of the folks we are dealing with here. An example from April 2022:


ok so don’t call it Taiwan anything, call it Formosa Air, or freakin’ Plum Air or something innocuous, but China Air? Literally the worst possible name


China would freak out. “Don’t fly into China showing the ROC flag, but any name change is also Taiwanese separatism.”

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“Don’t call yourself the ROC, because that’s not allowed! And don’t call yourself anything else, either!”


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Why? It’s a ‘province of China’. You have Shenzhen Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Hainan Airlines.


. . . so Taiwan Airlines it is! Problem solved.


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