It's Raining

Just got the call…school #2 is flooding. Gotta brave the elements. You southern folks be careful driving around tonight.

Heavy, heavy rains.

I’m gonna get soaked. :frowning:

It’s flooding down in Pingtung,
All of the telephone wires are down…

Hang in there southlanders!

4 days of heavy rain in Tainan.

I am very damp.

Take care. I was living in Kaohsiung when it flooded 4 years ago. Came back home to a wet sofa and a floating dog. It’s not a very nice experience - hang in down there and get the sandbags out.

It’s been pissing down up here in Alishan but I’m fine and dry.

Roads closed due to flooding. No satellite work for me until next week wen the sun comes out again. I just get to be at home with the missus which is great.

The waves on the beach are pretty big. The roof is leaking in my dorm room. Lucky there’re two spare beds in here because one of the big leaks is right where my head goes when I’m in bed. The wind was pretty fierce earlier, almost like a typhoon. There was also rain coming in through the gaps in the windows.

This is why my dorm room is only about $US200 per semester.