It's the rainy season (Plum Rain Blues)

It’s raining again.

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Good time to cry…

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After complaining about all that rain in May, I’m sufferin’ 'n bereft of rain in June and July.

Teased by rumbles of delicate sounds of thunder far away, and nary a storm, nor a drop of rain on me rooftop for months on end.

Waiting for a typhoon. Or something.

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We have a early start, moderate rain now and it’s cold for here (22C) in Kaoshuing.


OMG ITS RAINING IN KAOHSIUNG. i can count on one hand how many times it’s rained since i got here in October. so pumped.



Forecasters say plum rain is still a month away, though.

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Please please please stop with the lying calling it “plum rains” like it’s some nice sweet 30 minute afternoon shower and then nice sky or weather.

It’s just not true.

The rain goes on all day, and night, days and weeks at a time, and then maybe some gray overcast sky, with rarely a ray of sunshine and blue sky, which then probably means a typhoon is coming within 24 to 48 hours.

In addition the humidity is nearly unbearable before, during, and after, day and night.

I’ve been here long enough and done that long enough.

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Completely agree. :joy:

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Taiwan needs rain. Lots and lots of it

Here are some rain songs fir u