Itunes cleanup

I know this has a simple solution, but i can’t fgure it out right now. I imported some folders twice into my itunes and now a bunch of songs are listed 2 or 3 times each. I could delete them one at a time, but can itunes scan them and delete the multiple files itself somehow?

In the upper bar or what ever the thing is called, pull down the list in “Edit”(show duplicate songs) and click on “duplicates”. When you open that, you can delete them

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:homer: D’oh! I knew there was a simple solution. Thanks :slight_smile:

just pass it on man. Make it your random act of Daoism for the day :smiley:

There is software that can does more thorough checking of duplicates and remove the files. Never tried it but you can easily find it at VersionTracker or by a search.