iTunes gift certificates

Anyone knows where I can find them? I need some. Thanks.

Hey there,
I don’t think you can get those here. You can purchase them online and e-mail to whoever you need though.
But keep in mind that the last time I checked there are only like 4 countries that can actually use the iTunes store.
I had a gift certificate emailed to me, but I can’t use it with my iTunes here. Maybe there is a way to get around that, but in the past I looked and couldn’t find it.
Hope this helps!

I second what crybllrd said about not being able to find gift certificates in Taiwan. Since Taiwan still doesn’t have a music store, they won’t be selling the Apple gift cards. Gift cards, and certificates, are good only for the region that you purchase them in and cant be transfered. So if you are using the US Apple Online store you can only give them to people in the same country. As long as thats the case, according to the Apple website you can purchase gift certificates from the Apple Online store and email them to the person you want to give the gift to. It also says you can purchase the cards online.

There is also a service Apple offers called an Itunes gift that works via email. You purchase it, they get an email confirmation, enter in the info and redeem the gift. It works similar to a certificate in that you can’t gift to someone in a different country than you.

I got all the information from these following two sites:

Hoped that helps