Itunes help

Hi, just went into the itunes store and now the all the suggested podcasts etc. are geared towards Taiwan tastes and the Taiwan market.

I want to have my itunes store present itself like I am in the US, not Taiwan. How do I do this?


If you scroll down to the bottom right, it should show a country flag for the store you are in. Clicking on that should give you the option to switch to a different country’s store.

Note that if you have a credit card attached to your iTunes account, you can only make purchases from the country that your credit card billing address is based in.

Does anyone know if you can have two separate Apple accounts linked to separate credit cards for one Ipad? I want to get stuff from the US Ipad store, but I’m currently stuck with stuff from the Taiwan store.

This is possible, but will be quite messy as your ID is not only used for music but also apps. Let’s say 50% of your apps are form the US store, 50% are from the Taiwan store. Once updates are available you will need to sign out and sign in with the right ID for the respective app. And good luck keeping track of which app is from which store.