I've been fired...need advise please


I was fired from my job a few days ago. The firing was totally unexpected. As far as I knew I was doing a good job.

What I need to know is what are my rights as an employee? My contract does not stipulate that notice must be given, or really outline what constitutes grounds for dismissal.

How quickly do I have to leave the country after my ARC is canceled? If I can line up another job can I apply for a new ARC, through my new employer of course, without leaving the country?

Thanks in Advance.


Could you provide some additional information please? Where are you in Taiwan?
What kind of job were you doing? Can you describe what kind of contract you signed? What were the important provisions? Are you single or married? Nationality of spouse? Your nationality? What are your plans for the next few years? (Stay in Taiwan, move on, etc.) Have you been able to line up a new job yet?


I’m Canadian and single. My plans had been to stay in Taiwan for at least another 18 months. I was teaching, and no I do not have another job lined up yet. I have some “feelers” out. I am in Southern Taiwan.

The contract I signed was fairly straight forward. Right or wrong I used the KISS philosophy…keep it simple stupid. It outlines my hours of work, pay. The fact that I am required to notify the school when absent. It was for a year.