I've decided to date Hsu Chi

I wasn’t too crazy about her before. But after I saw her in that movie where she speaks English I changed my mind.
Anyone have her phone number? I know she’ll like me a lot; I just need to find out how to contact her.

Yep, she’s an old family friend.

Just spoke with her. She says thanks, but no thanks. She’s too busy right now to add you to her list, but she’ll let me know when she can free up her schedule for ya.

Muah (from Shu Chi)


Which movie did you see?

Doesn’t she have a large library of artful picture books for sale. I mean its not like there are going to be any surprises.

Hey! No stealing Shu Chi from me, she’s mine…all mine!!!..drool… :liar:

Sorry Wolf. I am dating her right now, but I will let you know when I am done with her… :wink:

I think it’d have been The Transporter.

Yeah, but she’s actually hotter now than then, I reckon.

I believe that you’d have to come over to HK, as this is where she spends most of her time. Seeing as how I’m married, I’ll leave her to you.

A few years ago while working first class on a Cathay flight to the US, my wife served her. My wife’s impression of her was quite positive. She didn’t act like a stuck up diva bitch at all, but was actually quite social with the flight attendants. My wife said it seemed she wasn’t wearing any make up (it was a long flight), but she was still hot as hell.

I didn’t realize Hsu Chi went both ways…
Comrade Stalin, why did you give me your missus’ phone number?

She farts in her sleep. Just so’s you know.

Comrade Stalin’s missus? How do you know?

Saw her on the corner of ZhongXiao and DaAn back in January. She was there to promote the opening of the SKII store. Wander around and you might run into her (she seems very down to earth). So if you date her, can you get a years supply of SKII products? :smiley:

C’mon guys, do you really wanna date her or just drool to get laid?

Date then lay - always in that order.

If all I had to do to get laid is drool, I’d have worn my equipment out by the age of 20.

Why would anyone want to date Hsu Chi??? I watched her performance in “Beijing Rocks” last night, and she was utterly annoying :astonished:

Here’s a hint: it’s not for her personality :laughing:

Oh, I see. We’re back at the “Would you rather date somebody who’s beautiful but annoying or somebody who looks bland but you can actually talk to?” discussion. :laughing:

How come every time I check a thread in the “Dating & Relationships” forum, it turns out to be a mistake??? But as long as you guys enjoy yourselves… :wink:

Iris, that’s 99% of all guys, I think. Guys only want to date women they’re sexually attracted to. If they’re not sexually attracted, they’re happy to just be friends. I think that on rare occasions, men can change their feelings towards platonic female friends, but I think that’s not the norm. Normal is dating sexually attractive women until you find one that you want to stay with forever. IMO, anyway. YMMV.

PS A former Taiwan-VJ friend of mine dated Shu Qi in Shanghai, and he said she is a pretty nice girl, but she’s got her heart set on marrying rich - very rich… :unamused: If I were rich, I’d date her, but I wouldn’t marry her… :smiling_imp: