IVIG and Stem Cell Treatment

My husband and I have been fighting a 5 year fight against our health insurance for IVIG treatment.
My husband has an immunity deficiency and it’s slowly killing him mentally and physically. We can not afford $27-$40k per treatments. He needs 6 treatments. I have been researching for treatment places in Taiwan. We do not speak the language or know anyone. Any advice or guide would be a blessing.

I guess you’re looking for cost estimates and quality availability?

Taiwan government healthcare has official cost listings but I’m not sure where. Maybe someone else here can provide the reference.

Private care is of course another story.

Thank you for replying. We are looking for information and or a guide to help us find a facility that offers IVIG and Stem Cell therapy. I’m praying the cost for treatment isn’t $27-$40k per treatment.

According to this NGO, 1 2.5 gram dose of IVIG is NT $4,100. A five day course for someone who weighs about 60kg requires 10 doses per day. So the total cost of the drug for one course of treatment is NT $205,000, which is about USD 6,400.

The cost for a bed in a two-person room at Taipei Veterans General Hospital in Taipei is NT $4,000/night. So 5 nights would be NT$15,000 or about US$ 625.

According to the NGO, IVIG is not covered by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance and the prices I give for beds are listed on Taipei Veterans website (in chinese) for patients without NHI coverage. YMMV.

Taipei Veterans might be a good choice for you. It is generally considered to be one of Taiwan’s best hospitals and is located in a part of Taipei that has a lot of foreign residents (by Taiwan standards) so more English is spoken there. Most Taiwanese doctors speak at least some English and many speak it quite well (by Taiwan standards). Negatives are that it is in a slightly inconvenient location and that it is in an expensive part of Taiwan’s most expensive city (so accomodation and food outside hospital will add up).

Taipei Veterans has an international center that may be able to help.

In my experience, the health care in Taiwan is very good but no frills.

I couldn’t find any price information about cell stem therapy for immune deficiencies.

Good luck!

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