Ivy League Network

Dear Candidates

I am putting together a list of “Ivy League Graduates” residing in Taiwan. I am confident that all of you are doing quite well despite the economy. But it does not hurt to network with other high powered individuals. I plan to circulate the final list to all participants on August 15, 2002. If warranted, I will try to schedule a happy hour to bring all you over achievers under one roof.

To receive this list, please email the following information to IvyLeagueAsia@yahoo.com

-Year Graduated
-email address

If working in Taiwan, please include:
-Your Title
-Description of Company

Best Regards,

Can under-achieving, low-powered individuals also apply? Or is there a different league, say, a Kudzu League or a Rhododendron League for the riff-raff?

Would it be all right if I just sat in and learned your ways? I just know there is a high-powered overachiever inside of me, just busting to get out.

I had a roommate back in Edinburgh who was ivy league, but he was neither high-powered nor an overachiever. In fact, he was one of the most vapid, ineffective twats I ever met. He sure didn’t think so, though!

dude, seriously, whats up with this elitist BS. you know perfectly well that most people on this forum are probably not ivy leaguers, and you know perfectly well that there are many other official organizations that deals with that. If you want to show off take it somewhere else.

oh yeah, fyi, i know a lot of idiots who got in ivy league cuz they’re rich and got connections and what not…and I also know plenty of ivy leaguers who are suffering from the bad economy just like the rest of us.

Asians are suckers for the Ivy League. Well, they’re suckers for brand names in general.

The ivy league term is so overrated. Many schools that aren’t considered ivy league (e.g., M.I.T., Caltech, Stanford, etc.) constantly outrank those that are (e.g., Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown).

I’ve always liked Columbia and Princeton for some reason tho. Two of my cousins and a 2nd cousin went to Cornell, Lee Teng-Hui’s alma mater. I think it’s easier to get in when you have family who are alumni.

George Walker Bush “Dubya”

Yale University, bachelor’s degree, history

Graduate School
Harvard University, Master of Business Administration

Career and Public Service

Owner, oil and gas business

Partner, Texas Rangers Baseball Team

Governor of Texas

President of the United States

Dumb prick, ws, you forgot to include dumb prick.

And what’s with the “Dear Candidates” bull? Do you have to apply to join?

There’s really no need for such damning criticism, ws. We’re just having fun here.

We did not wish to generate so much enmity. Such distaste, sarcasm. This posting was neither meant to demean nor to boast.

This is an honest attempt to gather interest of those in Taiwan serious about networking. If you are not, please spare us of your disparaging remarks.


I only want to join if I can ‘harumph’. People just don’t know how to harumph very well anymore and it would be an absolute delight to harumph in the company those who were bred for it.


For those underachievers such as myself, join me at the picket line when this bs gets started. Toasted ham and cheese sangas and can probably only get Taiwan beers though (budget constraints due to the wedding) Never liked toffs anyway.

Can I join? I’m not an Ivy Leaguer but I’m in league with Satan.

Originally posted by ivyleagueasia:

quote[quote]We did not wish to generate so much enmity. Such distaste, sarcasm.[/quote] "We" are not amused? [img]images/smiles/converted/hip-o-dude.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/hip-o-dude.gif[/img]

I would like to start a Public School Dropout League, but obviously I can’t be ar

How about the Ivy League Rejected Club? I was rejected by both Columbia and Brown, so I went to UCSB and never looked back.

Ivy League: are you a front for the Ivy League alumni associations looking for more members?
Have you tried the alumni rosters?

I went to Yale, but I’m just a teacher, so I couldn’t help with networking and going up the coporate ladder. A suggestion- have a subgroup for those rare ivyleaguers not interested in prestige/money/pleasing parents, but who are interested in public service. Then again, this type of person would have no need to join your group.

some ivy leaguers are here to escape the networking/measuring your worth by your corporate title bs that’s so prevalent back home.

on the other hand, the “people who went to ivy league schools are just dumb spoiled brats” arguments are pretty tiresome, as well.

Geez, give the guy a break!! If he wants to meet and hang with other Ivy Leaguers and other important “high powered individuals”, he shouldn’t be criticized for it. It’s a free, capitalist country. I’m not an Ivy Leaguer nor corporate executive, but I’m just as happy hanging out with my clique of friends in the custodial and waste disposal fields. No envy here!!