J-POP or J-ROCK fans?

Anyone here like J-POP or J-ROCK?

old school J-Rock (r. c. succession)
J- esoterica (YMO, etc.)

I like.

J-Poop, er “pop,” is hit or miss.

They’re a bit older, but I like:
Chage and Aska
The Bluehearts
Ozaki Yutaka
Shonen Knife had some funny moments


Anyone know where I can score me some Bluehearts CDs in this city?

I’d like to find some more of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant’s stuff. It is amazing what music you find here and the price you find it for sometimes though. I found one of their DVDs for 50NT in a CD shop in Taichung.

Don’t know a lot aout J-pop or K-pop other than the cards my students sometimes buy.

[quote=“Red 23”]They’re a bit older, but I like:
The Bluehearts


The off-schoot THE HIGH-LOWS is also pretty damn good.

Shonen Knife had some funny moments


Definitely flog a dead horse these days.

I agree with comments on THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT (R. I. P.) - great stuff.

and add:

5, 6, 7 8’s (regardless of being in that KILL BILL abomination)

and more.

I saw 5678s live at my university back in NZ. Total respect for them, they rocked the house, and they started the gig responding to some smartarse by yelling, in English, “We’re not fucking Shonen Knife!”

Anyone like TM Revolution?

I’m serious, does anyone know where I could get any Bluehearts CDs here?

I have their first two slabs here.

You probably won’t find them for sale in Taiwan, unless someone imported them from Japan or someone was smart enough to pirate them (not likely since Taiwan is where music comes to die).

Try cdjapan. Google them. They will be your best bet short of trekking to Japan.

Damn. The online method is out - no credit card. Might have to try and tap some friends in/from Japan then I guess.

If you have a bank account and can wire-transfer, CD Japan handles those orders.

Well, they might still handle them. They did a few years ago.

I used them to order DVDs and used credit - and they were fast and reliable.

The Plastics were damn good. Pretty oddball twenty four years ago - their stuff remains odd today (and that’s a good thing).

Polysics are like Devo on crank. I appreciate their stuff.

I wish we could get NHK BS 2 instead of NHK world. They used to have a lot of cutting edge music and concerts, and back in the golden age of the late 90s - had a kickass weekend program called “Midnight Kingdom” that highlighted cool stuff happening around Tokyo for a particular weekend, compelte with kickass movie clips and live performances by great musicians (local and foreign).

The music segments were hosted by Yopi, lead singer of a decent girl pop-punk outfit called THE SCANTY.

I remember seeing tons of great stuff on that show - Midnights on Fridays or Saturdays.

I doubt the show’s even around anymore.