Jackets on backwards

Umm…will someone explain this to me? Why scooter riders wear their jackets on backwards?

Because it’s wiggity wiggity wiggity wiggity wack of course.

Man, Kris Kross ruled!
My sister had this huge KK shirt, and I had a huge New York Mets shirt even though I had never even seen a baseball game at the time.
Sorry, back to backwards motorcycle jackets.

it’s cos the doods here don’t like their jackets to get puffed up by the wind entering the front.

I hate you for beating me to that.

It could be dangerous. If you’ve ever heard the Dave Gardner story.
“The man, he was killed outright, but the lady was alright until me and Julius turned her head around.”

gang initiation …

all a step towards the blue flip-flops and undershirt pulled up over the (ample) belly.

because clothes are tools, not mere decorations. here’s what i could figure out: it is the smart thing to do. let’s say you are perched upon a fifty CC beast and it is spring or winter. the wind is cutting you cold. but how? why? because the jacket is padded but the zipper area isn’t. the wind cuts right through the zip strip and chills you quickly. in a similar vein, rain isn’t too much of a problem- usually. sometimes it falls at just the right angle and seeps in your clothes via that darned zip strip. wearing the jacket backwards’ll cut the wind and stop unwanted rain seepage. seems pragmatic to me.

also, if it is spring rains time and you are hopping from bushiban to bushiban it is sometimes a good idea to roll your pantlegs WAY up when you are riding. roll em to mid-calf and let your rain gear keep em dry. you’ll appreciate dry pants later. teaching soaked just ain’t fun.


[quote=“skeptic yank”]because the jacket is padded but the zipper area isn’t. the wind cuts right through the zip strip and chills you quickly.[/quote]So the solution is leave your back completely uncovered? :loco:

This is simple me-too-ism, they do it because a lot of other people do. Old wive’s tales, superstition and myth over logic and reason.

no it isn’t. when worn backwards to cut the wind things aren’t nearly as cold. the cold isn’t digging into your chest and it drafts off your sides. clothes are tools and the people here have realized a different way to utilize the same product. good for em. of course, outsiders who little understand or appreciate the nuances inherent in adapting to a new perspective may be inclined to belittle innovations. back when i was a constructionman i would often wear my hard hat backwards on worksites. was i trying to be cute? no. when the sun is shining on your neck, the visor of the helmet cuts some of the sun and reduces sunburn. same tool, different application.

one could, of course, just buy a coat with the little flap of cloth under the zipper …

nonsense… hsiadogah is right… they wear their jackets backwards for the same reason that blue trucks are blue… no reason… other than that everyone else does it too…

even the cheapest P.O.S nightmarket jacket worn properly zipped up, the zip area would only allow a fraction more cold air in than the already dodgy fabric/lining panels… in addition since simple aerodynamics means that even at low speed turbulent air is sucked around the body into the exposed back area, if the air is so “cuttingly cold” then leaving your entire back exposed will get you inifintely colder than marginally increased air flow through a closed zipper with the jacket properly worn…

anyone who thinks that this tiny discrepancy in air flow through a closed zipper warrants a Kriss Kross jacket wearing style is suffering from princess and the pea syndrome… it’s not pragmatic, its not innovative, it’s simple me-too-ism…

I’m gonna start wearing my pants backwards so I can unzip the fly when I fart.

Plus, putting yer wallet in the front is much better for your health. Any idea how many back problems are caused by people sitting cocked off due to a wallet in one pocket?


I dunno but it seems to me that my movement is restricted with my jacket on backwards.

Anyways, thanks for the hilarious responses. I guess its just one of those taiwan things

Not at all, they do it in Singapore and Malaysia also (probably other places) and the temp there is usually around 30+ deg all year round, so it isnt the “bone chillin wind” :loco:

I’ve seen some people wearing a cap backwards too.

My mom thinks they are gangsters the whole bunch of them. Now listen
to the elders.

PS And tuck that shirt in!

Actually, I am quite sure that people do it mainly to cover their arms inorder to aviod “farmer’s tans” on their arms. If you are riding on a motorscooter most of the day and you are wearing a short-sleaved shirt you will either get a nasty burn or an “unsightly” tan. You know how much locals love their skin to be white. They don’t listen to me when I suggest taking a bath in bleach :wink:

[quote=“hsiadogah”][quote=“skeptic yank”]because the jacket is padded but the zipper area isn’t. the wind cuts right through the zip strip and chills you quickly.[/quote]So the solution is leave your back completely uncovered? :loco:

I think part of it is also when stopped at a red light it don’t half get hot, so you want the gaping hole to keep you cool, but when speeding along at 80 the wind chill is a bit much for the thin, flimsy breathable shirts so you want some protection.

It’s us foreigners that think logically and zipper/unzipper/zipper/unzipper our jackets as we go from light to light. Locals just want whats most convenient, similar to us all riding around on bikes with gear levers & clutches whilst locals are on automatics :s

Have a little respect, please! Some of us just find it difficult to remember which way is front. :fume: