Jackie and the Animals

[/color] (but the fine is too small!)


Someone in my area keeps a husky dog and delights in walking the wretched beast on the hottest of days. I’d like to see him fined, too.

It’s the national pastime. Buy as big a dog as you can get and keep it locked up in the smallest space you can find. If it barks all the time that’s an added bonus.

yep, then once a week preferably on the hottest day, let it out of it’s insanely small cage, attach it’s leash to the back of a scooter and ride around just a little faster than the dog can comfortably run, with bonus points for cruising through an orange/red light at the last second so the dog is almost hit by impatient green light anticipating scooters going the other way…

All good stuff! You forgot “let it loose in the park and ensure it savages other dogs”, though.

The Animal Protection Law was only passed quite recently. It is good to know that the folks who got the law onto the books are also vigilant enough to make sure it gets enforced…sometimes, at least.


Whoever thought of bringing huskies to Taiwan, anyway?

Isn’t Jacky Wu the one who runs the Jailhouse pub with the concentration camp decor?