Jacky Wu - a dog turning its back to its shabby house?


Taiwanese singer and TV star Jacky Wu said Thursday his criticism of local media should not be seen as a shift in loyalty toward rival China.

“Taiwan is my mother,” Wu told reporters. “I may have some criticism of it, but a son will never detest his mother however ugly she may look, nor will a dog turn its back toward its shabby house.”

Chiang Hsia, president of Taiwan’s CTS television station, accused Wu of trying to please China…She also threatened to drop a variety show hosted by Wu[/quote]
First he is chastised and threatened for seeking to perform in PRC. Now the “Free Democratic China” wants to drop his show. What’s wrong with Taidu people in Taiwan. Do you plan to feed Jacky Wu by yourself? This is a man’s livelihood for Pete sakes.

This the same guy who refused repeated requests from the police to take a breathalyzer test, and according to one report, rolled up his car window and repeatedly gave the police the middle finger.

Now he’s making scurrilous remarks in public about Taiwan. Seems to me that dropping him would be a wise decision on the part of CTS, especially in the context of TV in general.

Freedom includes freedom about whom one has dealings with. Freedom of expression, properly, is a negativing principle. It merely prohibits the government from acting to stop a person from expressing himself or herself. It does not give rise to a duty on the part of others to provide the expresser with a forum. And it does not preclude TV stations, including government-owned TV stations, from making business decisions.

Good topic, ac_dropout (and I’m not being sarcastic). :slight_smile:

Excuse me? The public is now to be made to feel quilty when celebrity careers go bad? Buy my record. Watch my TV show. I have a family of SUV’s to feed. :loco: :loco:


Dropping Jacky Wu programming should be a pure business decision base on market share and profitability. Not on differences in political opinions held by Jacky and Chiang Hsia.


I wasn’t judging Jacky Wu, or if I was, I take it back. I’m no saint myself.

And as for the TV programming, I just threw that in. I’ve never been a parent, so I don’t really have much of an idea of what kind of TV is best for kids.

To me it’s more of a pragmatic or prudential thing. If I go around hacking people off, especially if I go around hacking off the wrong people, then I may eventually get some consequences I won’t like very much. It looks to me like Mr. Wu has been working on some consequences.

But if Jacky doesn’t have a really obnoxious TV show, how is he going to lure young xiaojie’s with prominent butt cracks into his SUV?!

For his actions, Jacky Wu should be sent to The Jail… his failed restaurant featuring dinner in a cell block amid pictures of jews dying in Nazi death camps…

Isn’t Jacky Wu also running to be a Legislature in this upcoming election? If yes then his show should be dropped u know, no poticians should have their own TV shows. Keep 1 job or the other, have some professionalism.

No, he’s pulled out. Read between the lines…

www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archive … 2003206809

Wu’s situation is not dissimilar to celebrity experience anywhere else: you get away with most transgressions because you have a solid and profitable fan base and there’s people throughout the system at different levels who for whatever reason are prepared to protect you or do you a favor.

Inept and/or corrupt policing helps too, at least with regard to the Zhongxiao Rd “standoff”. But we should be grateful: that buttcrack is second only to the presidential abdomen wound for Indelible Taiwan Image, 2004.

Jacky is already a multi-millionaire. Unless he is massively in debt through gambling he won’t be needing any handouts from anyone.

Maybe he should just head to the usual destination for failed Taiwanese celebrities, China.

Jacky Wu a pitiful victim deserving of our sympathy and support? Oh, ha ha, excuse me while I roll around and laugh for five minutes!

I’m sure that Wu has destroyed many people’s hopes of making a career in showbusiness because they didn’t play ball with him – especially budding starlets who were not willing to serve his lubricious appetite for buttcrack, cleavage and whatever.

It would hardly be a loss for Taiwan if we never had to see that conceited little man’s fatuous grin on our TV screens again. There are plenty of much better and more talented people waiting in the wings to take over and improve on the kind of pap that he dishes up as entertainment for the masses.

Come on guys, stop picking on Jacky based solely on media representations of him, in real life he is nothing like he is made out to be.

He is no saint, do not get me wrong, but his moral behaviour is really little worse than most males here, it is just that by being famous his hit the headlines.

As for the current spat between him and Chang Hsia this is down to politics and should have no place in TV shows other than as political discussion programs.

Actually, I’m picking on him based solely on his representation of himself.

Omni, you sure about that ?

Any proof to that allegation, or is it made from media representations ?

Omni, you know as well as I that most presenters have no or precious little control over content and style other than to refuse to do the show at all, hardly good for employment though to refuse to often.

Generally the local population here seems to lap up this kind of “pap” hence the reason why this type of show is so popular.

Wu and two or three other of Taiwan’s “kings of showbiz” have much more control than that. As I understand it, they produce or control the production of their own shows and effectively dictate what goes into them.

Anyway, Wu puts himself forward as a self-almighty, I-do-whatever-pleases-me, I’m-a-law-unto-myself, I-have-the-power-to-make-or-break-you-if-I’m-so-minded, self-proclaimed little emperor of Taiwan’s entertainment industry. 'Nuff said.

And that makes him a credible political target. What about the people that are employed by him or the staff that works on his show? Or the other side industries his property supports?

That justifies those people suffering economically so that Jacky can be the next political target of Taidu fanatics.

AC, where did I imply that Jacky

Omni wrote:

They get to drink lots of water when they need it (and time to drink it).