James Soong, mayor Taipei? Ever?

Was JAmes Soong the former mayor of taipei? THe Christian Science Monitor in Boston, says so. I guess they are not monitoring so well! Dumb overseas reporters who parachute into Taipei for a week and think they know everything. We been here 20 years, well, some of us, and we still don’t know what the hell is going on. Of course, if we cut down on the weed maybe…

“Moreover, the pro-Taiwan camp faces a significant new alliance in Taiwanese politics between the two largest “pro-China” camps. The KMT has joined with the People’s First Party of the charismatic James Soong, the former mayor of Taipei. In the last election, KMT and Soong split their votes, with Soong peeling off votes like Ross Perot did in recent US elections.”

read the entire story here: was in the Taiwan News today too:



“Taiwanese tilt toward pro-China parties”

Elections are still seven months away, but economic woes erode president’s support.

By Robert Marquand | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor


Dang, you read the CS Monitor too?!? i thought i was the only one!!!

Did you see the article on the possibility of Bush getting Sainthood after his second term? There’s a huge support in Texas for it…outrageous!!!

I’m totally kidding of course you know :wink:
(And no offence if you really do read the CS Monitor, i’m sure it’s a good read for some people hehe.)

FWIW, the CS Monitor publishes some high quality journalism. Don’t be fooled by the name.

I like the CSM very much too. I still prefer the Economist and the Atlantic but to balance things out, I think that it generally is top notch.


The Christian Science Monitor is my favorite newspaper, period. Objectively, it’s one of the U.S.'s top ten in terms of quality. Plus it’s free (www.csmonitor.org ). Why is that? Because actually, they’re losing money, and are financially supported by the religion. So when you don’t buy the print edition, they save money. :shock:

The only real evidence of Christian Science affiliation is in a kind of “thought for the day” thing that they print. They do however have many articles on religion in general, i.e. real news with a religious focus. (Most newspapers don’t know how to cover religion, beyond familiar cliches like child-molesting priests and Muslim fundamentalists.)

yes, the CSM is a good paper, and cranky laowai has now PMed me and confirmed that SOONG was never never the mayor of any Taipei and the CMS reporter misread his notes, after parachuting in here from his real office in CHina. Yes, his bureau is Beijing, and he just flies here some times, usually he reports on Taiwan without even coming here. But he tries his best to be balanced. Even if he can’t get his facts right… thanks cranky

Cranky, let him know. Maybe you can pick up some extra editing work the next time he does a story.