Japan (along with US) has Taiwan's back at the WHO


Does this carry over to the TPP?
Well, first Japan does whatever the US tells them. US is not 8n the TPP11.

But China is also not in the TPP11 either, hence pressure would largely be absent.



It must be weird being a pawn in international diplomacy. Having said that, it is nucking futs that Taiwan isn’t in the WHO. Bending over backwards to CCP sensibilities while people die.

WTO is another level, of course, nomenclature wise.


Everyone is pansy except for the USA


It’s considerably easier to play Johnny big bollocks when you have the biggest military. We limeys used to be top at it.


Just noticed my typo.


“Having Taiwan’s back” is one way to put it.


And if Taiwan buys US petroleum products it would go a lot smoother.


it’s all about arbitrage profits and not politics for Taiwan’s two refiners.


Taiwanese refiners have typically relied on Middle Eastern crudes linked to Dubai prices, and Angolan light sweet Cabinda and Nemba grades priced against Brent.

However, North American price benchmark WTI’s prolonged discount against Dubai and Brent could have offered strong impetus for the companies to rapidly shift focus to US supplies.