Japan / Hohuan+Snowboarding

I would like some feedback from any boarders who have done a trip or season to Japan via Taiwan for snowboarding. Any reccomended spots? -I am thinking 3 or 4 weeks in Nagano area sounds pretty sweet!

Also call it out of the question but I would like a reply from anyone who has been up to Hohuan Mountain. Apparently there is a small lift and it does get a bit of snow in Jan-March, but I don’t know what the road is like.

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

snowboarding in Taiwan!!! :astonished:

Hehuanshan does get some snow but it is not reliable enough to schedule it into holiday travels. And when the snowflakes fall in Taiwan’s high mountain areas, there is a massive exodus from the cities as millions of Taiwanese go to see the wonder that is snow.

As John said there is an exodus when it snows… but from memory there are 5 or so runs up there, all quite difficult and the chairs rarely run. So there are opportunities for boarding but Japan is a far better organised scene. Korea is also an excellent option.