Japan re-releases 'We are the World' -must watch


youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … u4nUGOyI8#!

Hilarious ! You can still make out the Japanese engrish accent tho .

Heard the North Koreans just made one that is decidedly UNfunny !

What do you mean Japanese accent! These are the real dudes and dudettes no? :roflmao:

uh… how about NO ? (to quote DR. Evil )

What no Kenny Rogers? I feel cheated

Hes too busy running Kenny Rogers fried chicken places in Asia


I can picture Kenny passed out in the back of the kitchen near a pile of chicken bones and an empty bottle of booze with a bbq sauce and vomit stained beard

Yes but he would have to be in Jakarta or a few other places in Asia, as all the American stores have closed down.