Just a wee heads up; Japandroids will be playing the Wall Jan. 24. Saw these guys at Fuji and it was one of the loudest, hardest rocking gigs I’ve ever seen (and mind it was midday Sunday in 40 degree heat). Tickets will sell quick I’m guessing.



I know no one cares…but just in case; for all those in need of a good ear bleedin’ I urge you to get to the Wall on Thursday. This should be intensity in a tent city.

I’m going. Looking forward to it!

How was it? Three concerts in a week - heavy on the pocketbook, had to pass.

it was pretty good. The only problem is japandroids need to be playing in front of a wall of Marshall amps. Brian had his own 2 Marshalls and a coupla fenders and that was it. So it was a bit Japandroids-lite; when you bear in mind the record has a load of over-dubbed guitar it is essential that seen live the guitar puts out a solid wall of noise and feedback. That said it was still a mightily energetic show.