Japanese Anti-Smoking Posters

I’m sure you all know the the health problems caused by cigarettes, but sometimes you need to be shocked to make it sink in:

Do you have no feelings ?

Umm yeah… whatever…

Well, would you ?

I hope you’re all feeling ashamed of yourselves now :no-no:

More gibberish here: conbinibento.com/photos/inde … %20Manners

I love this one!

Your own face! That’s fantastic!

In Canada all packets of ciggarettes must have picutres put on them that are chosen by some anti-smoking organization. So in Canada you have close up pictures of mouth cancers…etc. I think some packs even have a pic of a dead fetus and a message saying “smoking is harmful to unborn children”. Canada rocks!!!

If my child tokk 30 frigging minutes to roll a tiny little snowball like that I’d stub the damn fag out on the back of his hand. Lazy little shit!