Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination Costs

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I’m heading to Taiwan and will be bouncing around to different regions in the heart of mosquito season. While getting travel vaccinations before leaving, I was blindsided by the cost of the JE vaccine here in the US – ~$300 for each of two shots. Does anyone know how on-hand how much it would be were I to get them after arriving or could direct me to an online resource to find out? My forum searches turned up nothing, sadly.

children get it for free, like mine did.
go to a hospital or to a district government office in Taipei with a health clinic attached to it. they’ll likely have it (where all the babies are crying ahead of/after the shots, lol).
Don’t know the cost exactly, but would guess no more than U$30.

A good friend it was free as well, but he has local health insurance. As a tourist not sure what you would pay. But many hospitals have these services in the travle and infant section. No idea. Why those 2 are so often lumped together…

I havent had it. And i work in the wild most of the time, never had it nor has anyone i know. And we are always in the jungle doing mountain wirk day in day out. Or processing in farm country. I know its just ones mans perspetive but its amazing how little ive seen this disease show its face here.

It is real, and it does suck. But its not as bad as what travel blogs might like to write about…

Before they started vaccination, about 1000 cases /year were reported. many were kids. Recent years, 15~30 cases /year and most are adults.

The rate that infected persons present symptoms is about 1%, so there must be more incident cases.

If you present symptoms, mortality rate is 10-20%. Sequelae for about one third.

The possibility you get infected and present symptoms is not very high, but if you do, it is suck.

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