Japanese encephalitis vaccination recommended in appropriate cases

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control recommends vaccination against Japanese encephalitis.


It seems they have “urged routine vaccination of age-appropriate children and at-risk individuals.” Some more details are in the article.


News report today says 26 cases so far this year in Taiwan with latest case in Xindian.

When I first came to Taiwan, the JE shot was recommended by travel health authorities in Canada, especially for folks living in or visiting rural areas.

Part way through my time here, the same authorities stopped recommending boosters. Does anyone know why?


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Not sure - just checked; authorities in Germany recommend the first booster after 12-24 months and then one every 10 years.

Although I read at another place that the exact duration of the protection is unknown so some countries do not generally recommend the booster after 10 years. Maybe that’s why Canada dropped the recommendation.

Speaking about getting the booster in Taiwan: Which place should one go to to get it? Does the NHI cover it or is it self-paid?


Once you’ve had the actual disease, immunity is lifetime, right? Or not?

Just wondering if I should get vaccinated anyway. The virus nearly killed me last time.

I heard somewhere that NHI does not cover Japanese Encephalitis vaccine for adults and costs NT$2600.

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You should speak to medical authorities about that—not randos like us on the interwebs!


Me too but it was UK who recommended it. Had the first shot in the UK, and never had the second one after arriving. That was 2015, don’t know if they still recommend it

Is it part of the standard vaccines for kids now?