Japanese Era Architecture?

Where is the best place in Taipei to see Japanese Era Architecture? Apart from the presidential palace, are there quiet streets that one can enjoy? I like the old tobacco factory place close by Zhongsiao/Guanfu Rd, but it seems a lot of it is left to crumble away to be replaced by some badly designed concrete monstrosity.

Beitou hotspring museum

Beitou WenWu museum

Beitou Zen Garden

There are plenty of colonial government buildings around Taipei train station

Taiwan Museum :

Control Yuan:

Touwa Zen Temple (曹洞宗別院, what’s left of it anyway):

Then closer to Jiantan and Shilin, there’s the Rin zaigo koku Zen Temple (臨濟宗護國禪寺)

these are off the top of my head, there are more…

Most of the old architecture is in horribly crowded and noisy areas. If you to see real Japanese architecture in a supremely relaxed place and don’t mind an hour’s commute, head to the Martyr’s Shine in Taoyuan. It’s the only traditional Japanese wooden shrine left in Taiwan. It’s one of my favorite places in Taiwan, and hardly anyone goes there. Go on a weekday and you will have the place to yourself.

pse100i.idv.tw/t/toouynzwlas … las001.htm

Some 3D views, courtesy of me:

Outside the National Taiwan Museum:

google.com/maps/views/view/ … 8d82?gl=us

And inside:

google.com/maps/views/view/ … 5ec2?gl=us

At the Taoyuan Martyrs’ Shrine:

google.com/maps/views/view/ … 82a9ee9cf2

And up those steps:

google.com/maps/views/view/ … e9c2?gl=us

And of course, my alma mater (NTNU) is filled with classical buildings, as are many other schools with long histories:

google.com/maps/views/view/ … 87f2?gl=us

Your favorite Tiger flag is right behind that staircase…

What do you think I was doing at the museum in the first place? :wink:

Huashan 1914.
The Botanical Gardens and around.
The Mayor’s Residence Art Salon on Suzhou and the university across the street (built in 1919 as a senior high school).
Zhongshan Hall. One of the most interesting of the Japanese era buildings.
Red House. Taipei’s first public market.
Dihua Jie. Most of the buildings in the southern section near Nanjing E Rd are from that era.
Hengyang St still has a few old corner buildings including the Starbucks.
228 Park. First public park in Taiwan built by the Japanese.
The old hospital right at NTU Hospital MRT.
Taipei Guest House but they only open a month.

Basically walk from Red House in Ximending to Huashan 1914 and you’ll see a lot.

Also Jiufen and Jinguashi on the coast.