Japanese era calendar listing animal conservation policies

In a Japanese calendar, there’s a list of animal conservation policies. Some animals are under seasonal protection, and some are forbidden to be hunted year-round.

The one animal that stands out would be manatees. Apparently there still were manatees in Kenting back then.

Partial list:

椋鳥 Starling

鵯鳥 Bulbul

咬鴒 not sure which bird this refers to.

黃鶯 Oriole, the yellow kind.

鸚雉 not sure which bird this refers to.

竹雞 bamboo partridge

雉雞 pheasants

This is kind of a general term. There probably are a dozen birds in Taiwan that can be called a pheasant.

It’s nice to know that even back then most pheasants were protected seasonally.