Japanese Era KMT Membership on Taiwan

According to the brochure from the SYS Memorial House (the one next to the train station), during one of SYS’s visits to the island he met with several Taiwanese members of the KMT. “Weng Chun-ming, Yang Hsin-ju and other Taiwanese members of the Kuomintang were granted an audience for instructions”. Were these people residents of the island or merely taking refuge in a foreign territory? More to the point, were they considered Chinese or Japanese nationals?

Another puzzling passage claims; “He had visited Taiwan three times during the forty years when he led the national revolution, encouraging comrades and compatriots on the island to aspire after the recovery of Taiwan”. Didn’t he recognize the island as completely independent from the mainland? If so, how could the people of Taiwan be considered “compatriots”?

Those were the “half-mountain” compatriots… usually gangster/laborers working for the Japanese in China. They lived in foreign ghettos. more later…