Japanese Island 100km from Taiwan

The closest is Xiamen, 2.1 km from Kinmen island. People have been known to swim to there (though most of them didn’t come back) …

I’m going to Ishigaki for a few days at the end of April. Does anyone have any up to date info?

[quote=“almas john”]Regarding the underwater “ruins” - nothing but natural formations; simply a case of humans seeing patterns were there are none. Martian canals, take two!
If you were to meet the people involved in spreading these notions, very much as Cranky Laowai says, you would find out that they are fruit cakes. Anyone who thinks there are underwater cities around Taiwan has been watching too many episodes of The X-files and the Relic Hunter. As a Yeti hunter from way back I know what I’m talking about.


…re the underwater ruins you think are not real, take a look at this picture: “A diver checks out the underwater monuments near Yonaguni, Okinawa Prefecture, JAPAN believed to have been built 10,000 years ago before the end of the last ice age.”



home.t-online.de/home/056213298- … me%7E1.htm

Did you go already, Stragbasher? Did you take a Star Cruise?


Is there any other way to get there?

Be sure to report back for us on your trip. :smiley:

By the way, here’s some info you may find helpful:


Trip cancelled. Sore point. Don’t ever mention it again. :fume:

And seeing those pics makes it even worse. Hey, new guy!! Welcome.

Anybody want to make the effort to try and get to see this underwater pyramind thing? It sounds like a worthy adventure - trying to get there and back in a few days. I could manage a Friday night-Weds morn expedition myself.

The Basher of Strags wrote:

Sounds great but I’m busier than a bastard. How are you planning on getting to Yonaguni Island: boat/ship, charter plane from Taipei, or fly in via Naha?

If things get off the ground, PM me. I’ll send you some money so you can pick up a couple of regional Japanese uniforms for my collection. :wink:

Does Taiwan have regularly scheduled boat service to the Diaoyutai Islands? Is there good camping there? What about other activites? How friendly is the local population?

I think the Japanese name is Senkaku Island Group . . . . . and it is not far from Taiwan . . . . . . on the very western end of the Ryuku Island chain or whatever . . . . . . currently held by the Japanese . . . .

[quote=“cleveland”]…re the underwater ruins you think are not real, take a look at this picture: "A diver checks out the underwater monuments near Yonaguni, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan believed to have been built 10,000 years ago before the end of the last ice age.[/quote]Obviously not, how did the builders breathe ? scuba gear was nowhere as advanced as now. At least the Stonehenge builders had the sense to build it on land.

The site is believed to have been above sea level until the end of the last ice age 10,000 yrs ago.

Almas, don’t you have enough schoolgirl outfits in your closet already?

yes, Fluffy, the place was above land at that time. It either … sank…or the ocean rose…since then. Long time ago, mind ye… anyway, they were all from Alien Outre Space UFOs, so they didn’t need to breathe in the way you are thinking of breathing…

Hi, guys. I used to live in Kaohsiung and Hsin-Tien. However, I now have a new job in Naha, Okinawa. Starts August 5th, 2004. Come and visit me sometime. I heard that you can take a commuter flight or else a boat. There is a super fancy hostel in Okinawa…I’d invite you st stay with me but I have a roomie and she wouldn’t like it. We can have beer on my roof, though…

Also, regarding underwater ruins, there ARE some underwater ruins off Okinawa…are these the same ones you’re talking about re: Green Island? Or is there yet another set of ruins off Green Island? Exciting!


madtpe, although that island is the closest, it’s not necessarily the cheapest place to go. Flying to HK these days will cost you $4995 return (no tax). used to be even cheaper when it was low season. the only thing is, right now it’s gonna be hard to find a seat.

if you are thinking about a cruise, there are ships that leave taiwan and then return, just for the purpose of leaving the country… i heard that’s a very good deal, but it’s still over $8000. you can find more info on tealit.

Slightly off topic but kind of related:
I’m a pilot. I’m just curious where you are able to rent a plane from in Taiwan. I thought there was no General Aviation in Taiwan and I have to go to Malaysia to do all my flying.

There is a ferry departing Keelung for Ishigaki and Miyako. From Ishigako or Miyako you can get a ferry to Yonaguni. The ferry leaving Keelung only leaves on Thurs nights or something like that. PM me if you are serious about going.

Star Cruises (at least the 4 day/3 night that fgoes to Ishikgaki and Naha, Okinawa) departs Wednesdays and Sundays. It runs April-October or Novemeber. Cheapest prices are about 8000 plus extra bits and pieces, but more in July.September.


I HEARD (could be wrong) that you do not get off the cruise and go through Japan Customs. You just stay on the boat while it circles Ishigaki (all the while, you are gambling away…), cruises up to Naha, then back again. It’s not a passenger ferry.

One cruise you stay on the ship. One cruise you go through customs etc and get off at one island (I think it’s Ishigaki, but not sure) one day, and Naha the next.


The same company, Arimura Lines, departs alternating weeks from Kaohsiung and Keelung. Week I departs from Keelung to Naha. Week II continues from Keelung to Kaohsiung and then departs Kaohsiung all the way back to Naha. I am going to take this ferry Wed. May 4th. Cost is about 4500 NT Kaohsiung to Naha, one-way.

You can only extend an “extendable” visa. If not, then you have to go to the TECO taiwan embassy in Okinawa for a new visa.