Japanese learning materials


is anyone learning Japanese in Taiwan?

There seems to be lots of learning materials for Japanese in Taiwan, it appears that this must a very popular second language besides English. Was wondering about the Japanese learning materials available for conversation, grammar, writing, kanji, etc that are published locally (aware that they’re in Chinese).

Which publishers/materials are popular? Any ideas of any popular textbooks are used by the local universities for Japanese majors. Besides, Eslite are there any other bookstores that focus on foreign language learning?

Any info would be great. Thanx.

The Japanese International school up in Tianmu might be able to furnish some leads.
The downtown YMCA behind the Cesar Park Hotel. ymcaedu.org.tw/ The English and Japanese program use the same facilities, so the front desk staff speak some English. You could check them out and see what materials they are using.

Course, the foreign language and literature dept. at all the universities.

chong ching south road, which is the bookstore road in Taipei, just a few blocks west of Cesar Park hotel.


thanx for the info…looking for self-study materials and there seems to be an incredible selection of learning materials published in Taiwan. However, not sure about how these materials stack up when compared with materials from Japan or English-speaking countries (USA, UK, etc).

anyways, was wondering if there are Taiwanese produced Japanese TV news/shows or radio broadcasts in Japanese that have a local angle as opposed to cable shows from Japan?