Japanese Premium Stations

I have the regular Japanese stations on cable TV, but looking for some more… anyone know where i can find them? I’m willing to pay more.

Thanks all :help:

Hey Overtheborder: You can get High Definition which has an amazing picture. They are called BS Hi. Go to any high-end place selling plasma TVs etc. and ask them. Compare the prices and ask around then pull the trigger if you think the price is acceptable. Ask them if you can flip through the channels. They have it in most of the shops selling high-end plasma and LCDs. The picture is must see to believe. Alternatively, maybe www.taiwansatellite.tv can hook you up with something. Not sure though.

Japanese “premium” eh, never heard it called that before.

You can get those goggles that allow you to see the blurry bits at the seven elevens, you just have to ask.