Japanese seafood buffets

anyone know of anygood buffets

so far have done

paris - good but a bit more expensive .WV
jogoya - ok - but beer is not included. WV
one at asia world on the 6 floor currently closed for renovations.

sizzlers - utter shite.

I’ve just been to a great one on Friday. Had two big plates of wonderful Sashimi and tons of other great stuff. It’s called Shan He Wu (not Jogoya) and costs 600 per person, close to Guanghua Market. I don’t remember the address, but can find out if somebody insists.

Jogoya (in the Neo 19 building next to Warner Village) sucks. Food is lukewarm, and not of very good quality. I won’t go back.

I have eaten COSMOS. I don’t remember it’s address, but it is near guang-fu south road and Xinyi road. Food is stuff. Sashimi, roast fish, roast beefsteak and the fried shrimp are very delicious. The most important is not too expensive.