Japanese style hot spring around Taipei


I often went to Onsen in Japan and would also like to go to some around Taipei. I went to the outdoor one (露天溫泉) in Xin-Beitou, but I didn’t go to another ones yet, so I don’t know anything better. I always hear that there are hotels, but I don’t want that.

What I am looking for is these kind of extremely relaxing Onsen which are found in Japan. As an example:
hyotan-onsen.com/ or
(sorry, pages only in Japanese)

They offer e.g. multiple baths, Television which you can watch while you lie in the water, electro shockers, sand baths, relaxing on the hot stone floor (岩盤浴), lying on the tatami mat afterwards and watching TV, massage and so on. And they cost only 500-700 Yen (about 170-240 NTD)!

The outdoor pool in Xinbeitou - well, it has these pools, but thats about it (and the cold showers…). And I think, if I go into a hotel, I also only got a single room with a small pool, but I would rather like these public hot springs (preferably inside so that it is warmer).

Are there any of them available around Taipei? Best would be if it is not too expensive (more or less the Japanese price would be ok for me)

The closest places I have found anything like that is in… Japan…

Even the best hotels in Taiwan don’t quite reach the style that is prevalent in Japan.

But looking forward to hear from someone that has found it!

Did anything changed in 2020? I also love those Japanese onsen. Facility usually have different pools, nice showers, restourant, stone bed, massage service, relaxing room, sauna…
Beitou has great hot spring facilities with restourant and massage and that all.

I absolutely love these places in Japan, as well as places like the capsule hotels with such facilities and the onsen joints with those relaxation lounges and booze vending machines. The lack of this in Taiwan is nothing short of a crime


All of us are waiting for someone to come along andpost some magical place. Taiwan is more expensive in certain ways than apan, this is one. And the chinese culture in general isnt good at aesthetics in geberal, nevermind on the japanese level.

Im sure this is possible in taiwan. Such as taidong, pingdong, kaohsiung etc mountains. Land is cheaper and all that but most of the land good hotsprings is gov or aboriginal and its hard to get approved for new roads. Ironically, most of these mountains roadways were also built by the japanese (slaves).

When we lived in japan tbey had them on the beach for free in places. Ither o es were 50 to 600 yen…jeeze. Even had naked grandpas washing my back. You dont get that here :frowning:

sounds hot

I had to put down my razor…it was a shock, but man those guys are seriously the most comfortable with their manhood i have ever met. Sharing shaving cream, soap, towels. Damn.

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The luxury hot springs hotels are the closest thing I’ve found, but they’re going to be much more expensive than what you typically find in Japan. Grand view is a nice option around Taipei: https://www.gvrb.com.tw/service/露天風呂/.

No. 236號, Guangming Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112
02 2891 1111

I haven’t been to this place in many years and it does not have all the facilities of a Japanese onsen that people have mentioned but the setting was good and the price was right.


That’s what I was thinking. Two onsen style that I like are

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi
No. 69號, Wufeng Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan

Pause Landis Resort Wulai
No. 88, Section 5, Xinwu Road, Wulai

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Looks really nice. Does remind me of Japanese style onsen houses.

If you spend a certain amount (it was NT$400 per person) at the restaurant, entry to the public baths are included.

There should be a bunch of those in Wulai. It also depends on how far you’d consider “close”. There are some nice ones in Yilan and Miaoli.