Japanese tradiational outfit (Kimono ...)

Hello !

I am leaving Taiwan soon, and I would love to bring a traditional kimono to my girlfriend, who is fond of Japanese culture…
Do you know any place in Taipei where I could find a descent choice of such traditional Japanese outfits ?

Thanks a lot !

Kimono is difficult to find, very pricey, also way too warm for Taiwan, there is an alternative called Yukata (浴衣, which is probably what you have in mind when you mention kimono anyway).

There is a shop that sells Kimono or Yukata near Zhong-Shan MRT Station, they also sells online:
Website: kyotokimonokan.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/KyotoKimonoKan
Online Store: class.ruten.com.tw/user/index00. … atmimiandy

Address: 台北市中山區中山北路一段152號4樓C室(捷運中山站)
Phone: 02-2522-4122

Thanks a lot !

I will be checking it as soon as possible ! :slight_smile:

And, being too hot is not really a problem, since I’m getting it back to France anyway :wink: