Japanese (wartime) military tunnels under Taipei

Quite interesting.

Whilst doing some urban exploration a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an abandoned military outpost on the outskirts of central Taipei.
Apart from being the usual time capsule (ammo boxes; bits of uniform - hats etc),
I found a hatch which was rusted shut and seemed not to have been opened for years.

After opening the hatch and fighting off sinister cobwebs with a stick, I dropped down through the hatch onto some steps into what I thought was a cellar.
However, it was something far more unusual: an expanse of forgotten tunnels.

These tunnels go on for ages and still haven’t been fully explored by myself. They go deep under streets and seem to go, from what I can work out, under a “famous” night market in Taipei. There are a few Japanese inscriptions on the walls written in chalk, plus some interesting artifacts.

I don’t particularly want to inform people of the location on a forum as it is a good secret. This is something interesting and forgotten to society and should be left that way.

However, I did take a few pictures. Here’s a couple:

Shall we use it as headquarters in the fight to overthrow the government?

That’s some wild shit DM. You gonna give tours? My son and I would love it down there, and we’d get some LED lamps to attach to our heads.


Wow! That’s so cool!

Exploring underground tunnels? I’d be worried about Doctor Evil having a Nam flashback and blowing the shit out of the “Gooks” and the tunnels.

Very cool. I wish I was in Taipei so I could go and have a nosey around. Do post more pictures!

I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it secret. Unspoiled, pristine historical sites are a rare treasure.

I have had some old guys, well 1 old guy and a native mountain guy down further south who was in his 60’s, tell me that there are a lot of these around the island.
I think the Taiwan Army did a mapping of them, well at least to the entrance to a lot of them, back in the early 60’s. Now as to where those maps are is anyones guess.

Ah, man, could really have used these for the movie. Oh, well. Maybe the next one. I’d still like to go take a look, though. PM me with the location?

Found one! Pretty extensive network, it seems.


Aha. Aha. Aha. Sorryi’lljustbeoffthen :unamused:

Cool, until they catch you and put behind bars for trespassing … military bases or off limits even when abandoned …

Sure they are. It’s just the locals growing vegetables within the grounds that have unrestricted access these days. :unamused:

Of course. It’s complicated to explain, so bare with me for a while.

I know for a fact that there are some in Kaohsiung, on one of the mountains near the sea. They are well off the beaten track and difficult to get to, but they too are very extensive and go well into the mountain.

I also would love to check those out. If you are going again, could I tag along? Or, would you be willing to PM me the location?
Very interested.

Some of the tunnels were refurbished, which made the news back in 1996 when China was lobbing missiles near Taiwan. CNN has a brief video of some tunnels.

I used to live in one of the unfurbished ones when I first came to Taiwan. In Djyong H’er somewhere. It smelt of socks.

South of Siaogang on rt 17? These are near me.
[color=red]EDIT:[/color] N22 30.988,E120 22.734
Knock yourselves out.

There used to be a network running under the hills west of Taichung; I explored them a bit when I was a student at Tunghai in the late 80’s. Don’t know if they’re still around.

Very cool.

I’ll be up in Taipei in a couple of weeks - fancy doing some exploring?

[quote=“cfimages”]Very cool.
I’ll be up in Taipei in a couple of weeks - fancy doing some exploring?[/quote]

LOL, all the boys want to be your best friend, DM! :wink:

Now if only this kind of stuff worked on girls…

[quote=“tash”][quote=“cfimages”]Very cool.
I’ll be up in Taipei in a couple of weeks - fancy doing some exploring?[/quote]

LOL, all the boys want to be your best friend, DM! :wink:

Now if only this kind of stuff worked on girls…[/quote]

Actually, one of the better known urban exploration/tunnel type photographers in Australia is a girl.

No - they must be different ones. Which is good.

Well, I might divulge the location to one particular person in return for a CFM56 high bypass, coaxial front fan/booster, driven by multi-stage low pressure turbine, multi-stage compressor with one-stage high pressure turbine and annular combustor.