Japan's defence minister to quit over atomic bomb remarks

Interesting report by Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia on Japan’s government and public reaction to its Defense Minister’s remark that the US atomic bombings of Japan were the inevitable way to end World War II.

Defence Minister Fumio Kyuma on Saturday that the nuclear attacks on Japan by the United States “couldn’t be helped”.

Survivors of the bombings told Defence Minister Fumio Kyuma to stay away from future memorial ceremonies in Nagasaki.

He was summoned by Abe and reprimanded for his controversial remarks:

We must not hurt the feelings of atom bomb sufferers in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I want you to strictly refrain from making remarks that would cause people’s misunderstanding,

Clearly, Japanese has not moved on when it comes to their own painful past.

Japan should really demand an apology from the USA for using the A-bomb. As the only country that has ever used the A-bomb against other humans, the USA should atone for their inhuman acts.

Yes quite right, and what does one suppose the Chinese would have done if they were somehow able to think through the science to develop such a weapon all on their own? I mean given the principalled moral leadership and deep concern for humanity displayed by Mao and Cash my cheque.

No, the US should really atone for churning out too many fuckwits like you that claim a US education and yet consistently display nothing but racist hate and other idiocy. That’s the real crime.


You mean conduct biological experiementation against Japanese POW’s and conscript Japanese women to be sex slaves?

Chinese are quite civilized when conducting warefare. Throughout its 1 million year history, I have not heard of any war tribuneral convict a Chinese person of a war crime. Chapter 14 of Sun Tze Art of War is titled “How to avoid becoming a war criminal.” It is rarely allowed to be read by non-Hans.

“Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night . . .”